Watch These People Speedrun Pretty Much Every Game You Can Think Of

Watch These People Speedrun Pretty Much Every Game You Can Think Of

Do you like speedruns? Of course you do. They're incredible, mesmerising feats of human determination. Do you like them enough to watch 135 of them for a week straight though? Well, if you'd like to speedrun the very concept of speedrunning, now you can, with games ranging from Final Fantasy VII to, um, Rock Band.

The European Speedster Assembly is hosting a week-long speedrunning marathon, featuring a billowing list of 135 games, from classic Mega Man to Dark Souls to, yes, Rock Band. Somehow. And if that doesn't do anything for you, there's always William Shatner's Tekwar. Yes, that's a real thing, and it's on the schedule.

The marathon technically kicked off yesterday, and it's running until late Saturday. If you're feeling generous, you can sweeten the pot with a donation that lets you shake up a stream a little — for instance by adding a new challenge or, um, picking the radio station in Grand Theft Auto. All donations go to Doctors Without Borders.

There are two streams running concurrently, both of which you can find below. Happy watching.


    I don't get speedruns.
    I don't get the people who do the speedruns, I play to enjoy a game; the story and the atmosphere.
    I don't get the people who watch speedruns; I want to play, not watch dammit.
    I also don't get the sudden fascination with speed runs on kotaku either. I mean each to their own, but it holds as much excitement for me as a sports game.

      I like gaemz.

      (Jokes aside I don't get speedruns either but I'm sure there are people who enjoy it! hence the article!)

      That's cool, I don't get people who don't like speedruns. Essentially speedrunning is saying "Sure. I could drive around the Mount Panorama race track at a legal 60 km/h, but I'm going to do it at 200 km/h. If you want to watch, then come along."
      Besides, speedrunners have most often played the game to death already so they've absorbed all the story and atmosphere they can.

      Last edited 29/07/14 6:49 pm

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