Weird Al's New Video Is A Brilliant Grammatical Smackdown

Al "Weird Al" Yankovic has been making music for 38 years. His newest CD — and probably his last traditional album — drops today. Here's Word Crimes, the wonderful video for his great send-up of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines.

"You should never / write words using numbers / unless you're seven / or your name is Prince."

Hear that, video game title writers everywhere?


    I think I need to bookmark this for, what I foresee to be, many uses in the future.

      I've had this bookmarked for years:

    That was Brilliant.
    I think it is rather brave of Kotaku to post it, with the amount of mistakes listed in that video that are currently on the front page.

      Maybe it's coincidental they're being ironic they're unware

    Disappointed there wasn't anything about 'legos'

    All About the Pentiums will always be my favourite.

      Yeah, love that one too :)

    and ill eave this one here too.

    That is fucking hilarious. Personally, I am allergic to contractions so I hate the spell check

    His other new song has a good music video too "Tacky"

    Email doesn't have a hyphen in it.

      Technically it does, coming from 'electronic mail' hence e-mail.

    In b4 sum1 say it dosent matter how they spel.

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