Destiny Really Needs Beards

Destiny Really Needs Beards

Destiny is big on its customisation, but there's one thing missing - beards. This came to the fore when I asked Jonty Barnes, director of production at Bungie, what the team had learned after Destiny's beta.

"Here's a funny one for you - this was a surprise - beards. I am not kidding you," he said. "The amount of requests for beards - and this isn't just people, this is cultures as well that find them very important."

"The dialogue that's going on in the studio is 'we prototyped beards at one stage and we were looking at it, but it wasn't a priority - but now maybe we should be thinking about that in a very serious way.'"

"Natasha, who was working on the hair implementation in Destiny, is having this active conversation about what it would take, whether or not we can deploy it, if it's something we're going to do very soon [or] a while from now, what's the impact of it, how do we get players to suddenly be able to define a beard because they haven't done it before."

Destiny Really Needs Beards

"But that's like wow, really? This is the big topic people are talking about coming out of the beta? For the graphics team, hell yeah! They are all on it. They want beards. They want to be able to give that. That's super-fun. If that's the biggest concern for the graphics team: great!"

"But that's just the passion that people have for making the game as good [as it can be] and meeting the demands of players. There's no question that's going to be something they want rather than 'well, they think they want it but they don't' - this is one of those things [people do want], and has absolutely risen up the graphics priorities as a result."

"I don't know when you're going to have beards, but I'm pretty sure by the end of time there will be plenty of beards in Destiny."

Beards? Beards. Beards as far as the eye can see, for the rest of eternity. It is a beard-based Destiny. And as long as they're beards like this, we should all be very happy indeed.

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    Can't wait to see my beard flowing majesti....

    *remembers helmet*

    Wait never mind :p

      I'd like the option for no helmet tbh

        Are you getting this on Xbone BDNZ?

          yea mate, keen to party up for some 6man raids? I only have 1 possibly 2 friends getting it so more the merrier.

            Oh yes. I'm on Sydney time, but really keen. I've got a few mates back in NZ who can join if we need numbers. What's your gamertag?

              same as here 'Black Dahlia NZ' what is sydney time for us? 2 hours behind?

                Yeah 2 hours. I'll be on mainly at the weekends any way prob, so if you have them off then shouldn't matter too much I suppose.

                  sweet as, me and a mate got the 12th off so will prob be on most of friday/night/weekend.

        How would you breathe in space.

          Wasn't the Tower in space? they seemed to manage there and Russia isn't space, ok maybe glass helmets?

            No, the tower is on earth. Also the helmet protects ur face, from being shot at.

            Last edited 30/08/14 5:56 pm

        Yeah no helmet would be awesome while i'm exploring outer space and planets with no atmosphere!

      Will they realistically have your flowing beard crammed out the bottom of your helmet? Like a Santa bearded bikie in a full face helmet?

        Life without Google Images, where would we be....

    As a bearded man, I demand beard-endabled avatars - even if they're robotic, get some kind of Ironbeard thing going on!

      Ironbeard... *narrows eyes suspiciously*
      ...Sounds decidedly dwarvish.
      *fingers elven arrowhead*

    As a proud owner of a decent size beard it irks me when there is none or a pitiful excuse for one as an option on your in game characters.

      Whenever I play a game where I can customise my dude (if there is no lady option), he always gets a beard, even if the choices are pitiful.

        Any beard is better than no beard.

      What's really puzzling is when there's no option for a clippered head. The BEST hairstyle, not available? Madness!

    No beards?!? But the game features a full array of female facial options!

    They say they want to add beards and considered them but then made them a lower priority?

    I’m never buying a Bungie game again!

    Edit: "Teehee" for 'female facial options'.

    Last edited 29/08/14 10:05 am

      Somewhat related... I don't know how many people made bearded females in Saints Row, but I love that so many customization options were not separated by gender.

    If your Dad doesn't have a beard, you have two Mums.

      There's a beardless man and he calls me son, he asks me to dinner but I never come, and I won't... until he grows a beard.

    My lack of ability to grow a decent beard means that the only way I can enjoy this essential representation of manliness is vicariously through video games. If I can’t have this, I will need to stoop to wearing a fake beard and pray that no one notices the string around my head.

    Would be even funnier if they actually added lady beards too :P

    I approve of beards and beard related business. Bring on the beards.

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