Fake Miyamoto Tweets Are Better Than Real Miyamoto Tweets

Fake Miyamoto Tweets Are Better Than Real Miyamoto Tweets

Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto is not on Twitter. That's why he has to ask questions the old-fashioned way. If he was, though, boy, wouldn't it be awesome if he just let loose like this.

Parody accounts of game developers are nothing new, but what I like about this one is that it actually cuts pretty close to the bone.

And when it doesn't, it's still great.

Say what you want about Bowser but where is Marios flying battleship — Shigeru Miyamoto (@RealShigeruM) April 24, 2014

@RealShigeruM [Twitter, via mud-flower]


    Wow look at all those images, they sure are great!

    All I see is three blank boxes where the tweets should be.


      These posts are too informative. Everybody just needs to slow down.

      Ah, US copy paste crapfest strikes again!

        Between this and the 'Big Question' so big it doesn't fit on your mobile device they need to have someone look at it :(

          Yea I'm tired of badly formatted pictures for mobile making the text go outside of my screen. At least reading mode on Windows Phone reformats it better than Allure do.

          Last edited 03/08/14 4:12 pm

    Funny, but his activity lasted for 15 days, 3 months ago?

    Went to the link @lukeplunkett supplied further up and started reading the comments. Immediate regretted that decision. Wow, there is a huge dif between Kotaku US and Kotaku AU.

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