Forget Curved TVs, LG Has A Curved Monitor Now

All the hype in the TV industry has centred around curved panels for the last few years. Isn't it about time that the immersive screen tech trickled-down to monitors? LG thinks so, and as a result, it will be bringing a curved monitor to this year's IFA tech conference in Berlin.

That's right, LG is making monitors bendy with a new, curved, 34-inch monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio. LG says it's designed for "professional users and home entertainment enthusiasts". Ok then.

The new curved monitor will pack in a don't-call-it-4K qHD resolution of 3440x1440, and will also support Thunderbolt 2 for data transfer speeds that will make you weep. It's also carrying a 7W stereo speaker system just in case you need that sort of thing.

But wait, there's more.

LG will also be debuting its new gaming monitor at the annual European tech conference.

The new LG 24GM77 gaming monitor will feature a fast 144Hz refresh rate for a smoother visual experience in fast-paced games, and a gaming mode that LG dubs Dynamic Action Sync. Dynamic Action Sync promises to cut input lag enabling a smoother experience in fast-paced scenes.

It's interesting that LG has decided to invent its own smoothing mode and not go with NVIDIA's G-Sync technology designed to eliminate screen tearing for gamers. Mind you, G-Sync is good for smoothing out 60Hz-100Hz monitors. LG's new monitor supports a 144Hz refresh rate, which means that tearing and jagged graphics aren't going to be a massive issue. We'll have to see what the new Dynamic Action Sync is like when we go eyes-on in September.

The new gaming monitor will also include a "Black Stabilizer" for a consistent black level across different game modes, as well as other customised presets tied to a monitor-bound hotkey.

We'll bring you all the action around new monitor tech and more when we visit Berlin for IFA next month!


    Would fit my corner desk quite nicely....

    Anyone dare take a guess at the price? I'd say 1800 AUD.

      Well judging from the fact that it appears to just be a curved version of the 34UM95 monitor (which seems to retail for around $1300), I tend to agree.

    That sounds gre.... Oh LG. Never mind.

      LG currently makes some very good screens. They're also the only company to make 1440p 21:9 screens thus far (to professional colour reproduction and uniformity too).

    I'd normally be the first to dismiss curved screens, but at 34 inches on a 21:9 that actually might not be such a bad idea.

      yeah I am curious to try it. I run Eyefinity and have the two side monitors turned towards me for my peripheral vision but a curve on a single wide panel... interesting.

    I still don't get the hype with curved panels. What's the advantage supposed to be?

      Have you seen those Monitors ? They have curved Screens.
      Curved Screens.

      Interested to hear what they're like from someone who has used them. And hey there, PSN friend o/

        I thought I recognized the name :). Fancy seeing you here. What you been playing lately?

          Yeah likewise ;) Not a hell of a lot, picked up Danganronpa and loving the hell out of Rogue Legacy, waiting for a few Vita imports to arrive. How about you?

            I've been neglecting the vita lately (not intentionally) been playing the PS4, Destiny beta, Wolfenstein, TLOU, now Diablo. Yeah I picked up Danganropa recently as well, need to get back in to that, was loving what I played so far. And I've got shinovi versus ordered, looking forward to that.

              I'm hoping to pick up a PS4 in a couple months time, really looking forward to it. I think next year's releases are the most excited I have been about games in a long, long time.

    I don't get the hype, I've been using a curved screen since 1984.

      inb4 someone doesn't get it and makes an uninformed post calling you a douchebag

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