Hell Breaks Loose When You Mod Skyrim

Hell Breaks Loose When You Mod Skyrim

PC Skyrim players all must have a moment where they get bored of vanilla Skyrim and then look into mods. What happens after that key moment may be completely bonkers, depending on what someone actually decides to download.

Or at least, that's the stereotype people have about PC Skyrim players according to this parody by ClumsySaunter of how to mod Skyrim:

Fluttershy, nooooo!

How to Mod Skyrim Proper [parody] [ClumsySaunter]


    Why is Fluttershy a popular sight in Skyrim?

      ...........bronies............why did it have to be bronies.........

        I honestly think bronies should be put on the sex offender register.

    After seeing that first GIF, I thought this was a Mile Fahey article.

    Hey, I remember when these mods were news worthy. It was 2012.

    Step 1: Buy Skyrim.
    Step 2: Play.
    Step 3: Hear about awesome mod which fixes things you find annoying in vanilla version.
    Step 4: Go grab improvement mod.
    Step 5: Get distracted by other fancy mods.
    Step 6: Get distracted by more mods.
    Step 7: Buy project planning software to map mod downloads by conflicts, functionality, resource requirements.
    Step 9: Never play Skyrim again, only the mod manager.

    I downloaded sooo many mods at once (over 150 in total) now my skyrim looks awesome.

    buuuuuut, somewhere in the mix I must have downloaded a mod that now makes a "pew pew" sound every time I or a NPC fires a bow. In short my skyrim now looks nearly photo realistic the world really feels alive and I am so immersed in it, creeping through a dungeon with a improved follower and creepy sounds and then.....

    FRIIIIIKIN PEW PEW ! immersion broken instantly !

    (cant for the life of me find which mod it is either)

      I only run about 5 mods when I play but I consider the "pew" mod to be the most important.

        Ha Ha, Yeah its good for a laugh and a change of pace, but when the rest of the game looks nearly real and the sounds are amazing (thanks to sounds of skyrim) it kinda breaks the realism a bit.

        do you know what mod it is (I would like to be able to disable it if I can)

        cheers in advance.

          never mind I see its called Project PEW (how did I miss that lol)

    Do any of the mods stop the gameplay from being boring as shit?

    Serious question. It could get me playing it again.

      There are a select few that can do that yes.

      My favourite right now is the mod that turns Belethor into a horker.


    I used to be a modder, then I.......fap fapfap fapfap fapfap fapfap fapfap fapfap.
    Took an...fap fap fap....an....fap gap


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