If Pokémon Were A Free-To-Play Mobile Game

If Pokémon Were A Free-To-Play Mobile Game

Imagine, if you will, a world where Pokémon isn't just something you can buy for $US40 or so. Imagine Nintendo's collectible critter game as... free-to-play.

Redditor ktrcoyote has envisioned a world where Pokémon is a free-to-play game for iPhones, and the results are hilarious. Pokémon: All The Bravest has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

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If Pokémon Were A Free-To-Play Mobile Game
If Pokémon Were A Free-To-Play Mobile Game
If Pokémon Were A Free-To-Play Mobile Game


    That's a scary thought

      Whats scarier is I can totally see a business exec wanting to do that ("Think of the money!").

        I totally get the money thing though, the income Nintendo would get from just one iOS/Android Pokemon game would be unthinkable. But at the same time I'm sure Dolphin meat is delicious and we don't go out eating Dolphins do we?

        Sorry that metaphor escalated quickly.

        Imagine if they just released Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow for iOS (no free-to-play) for $10-20, people would actually pay for it! Lots of people. Although here I am just waiting for it to come to 3DS VC :p

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          Im not sure people would buy it in droves on iOS for $50... The prices for games on iOS are significantly less than $50, and if I recall, Square Enix cops/copped a lot of flak for charging over $10 for their older-yet-remastered-for-mobile games

            you my dear sir are severely underestimating the eagerness of your average pokefan!

        They wouldn't though - Pokémon is one of their biggest system sellers, especially for their portables. The 3DS sales would have been a lot lower if you didn't have every 8 year old kid wanting a 2DS with Pokémon XY for christmas.

        @twogirlsoneleica as well

    I now the feeling of playing a monster training free to play game known as my dinos go, in which to use evolved forms of the monsters, you have to pay money to earn diamonds so that you can use the enviroments in order to use that monster & this was in 2009, plus it was promoted via the discovery channel website. Plus in order to play this game you have to use the internet

    If Pokémon Were A Free-To-Play Mobile Game

    I would kill myself.

    Jesus H. Christ, I would cry forever.

    I wonder if there's an alternate universe where they're imagining FarmVille as a free to play game with similar horror

      Perhaps Farmville DID start by someone joking about F2P Harvest Moon.

    At this point the only option is to build a time machine, go back and kill the inventor of the mobile phone. Sure life would be less convenient but we'll get our games back the way we like 'em. While I'm back there I'll also burn down the garage EA started in. Time travel murder, the flawless solution. :)

      no not EA. they might be monsters now but we had some amazing gems come from there once upon a time.

        :( *sigh* sadly the EA model of terrible-ness in DLC, proprietry delivery systems, mobile-game based business plans, rushed games, beloved studio buyouts and IP trollery are things that I think more and more publishers are going to follow suit on. I think ultimately the days of buying a dedicated gaming machine, be it a 3DS or a PS4 etc, are numbered. In another 10-15 years we will most likely be staring down the barrel of an industry dominated by netflix-esque streamed TV games and mobile games and with a generation that grew up on iPhones and facebook games instead of Sony and Nintendo. It's sad but inevitable.

          good luck with that in Australia :) im pretty sure well still be on adsl in 10-15 years.

    Christ kill me now... retard investors actually want Nintendo to do this shit as well.

    Funnily enough I am currently playing Pokemon Yellow Edition on my PSP for free.

    ...and the results are hilarious

    You spelled "bowel-loosening, psyche shattering, to the bone terrifyingly sickening" wrong.

    Last edited 05/08/14 3:48 pm

    You don't even even joke about something this awful.

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