Now This Is How You Demand A New Game Feature

Video game developer won't listen to your pleas for a big, game-changing feature? Then there's only one solution: make a song about it. A hilarious, shockingly well-done song.

A gamer going by the handle of "godgryphon" put the video together. In it he asks for split-screen multiplayer in the PC version of Xbox Live Indie hit Murder Miners using gentle, lilting melodies. His voice drifts like dandelion petal through a field on a balmy summer's day. Until...


That is how you know he's serious. "Add split-screen back in / or I'm gonna have to get nasty / ask me about my favourite things / split-screen is near the top / along with puppies."

I'm not even making a game and now I want to put split-screen in something. Bravo, sir, on your exceedingly persuasive rhymes.

The story comes with a happy ending, as Murder Miners' developers posted about the song on their Facebook page. So if nothing else, they're listening. Here's hoping they follow through, lest this man's flow be in vain.

Thanks for the tip, Jeremy.


    It really grinds my gears that more PC games arent getting couch co-op support. Soon, precious...

      Same here. I miss the days I could get a co-op game and play it with family or friends on the same console. Seems like that feature's almost died out since the age of the PS2 though...

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