Off Topic: What Games Would Make A Genuinely Good Movie?

Guardians of the Galaxy, by all accounts, is a really good movie, which just goes to show that talented people can make a good flick about anything and it'll make bucketloads of money. Basically what I'm saying is, I want a video game movie to get dat Guardians of the Galaxy money. Which game would be the best candidate?

My feeling is that Uncharted is still our best bet. The characters are well defined, and it has the best pure dialogue of any game I've ever played. It's unpretentious and, best of all, its action sequences play to Hollywood and the three act structure. Nothing about Uncharted is laboured or clunky, it flows fast and light. I think, of all the games out there, it's the movie I'd be most keen to see. To be perfectly honest, I don't know if any other video game suits the cinema?

Thoughts? What would you like to see?


    Street Fighter oh wait that's right.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a MGS movie or maybe even something like Assassins creed or Watchdogs, quite hard to think of games that would make good movies though.

      I love the Street Fighter movie, even with all its inaccuracies and campiness. Plus Raul Julia nailed the role of M. Bison.

    I think the interactivity is what makes the best games so good. It's what makes a good game different from a good movie. When you strip that away you're losing something. I don't think they need to make game movies or movie games.

      Yeah, because what is often lost and missing in films is the elements that made the game fun to play. You can't put that in a movie.

      This. Video games are an entirely different medium from film. They combine writing, visual arts and music and then ask the audience to decide on the final form. There is always room for crossover between games and films but I don't think it will work until people understand what games are as an art form. Can you imagine a Minecraft movie directed by Michael Bay? *Touches wood*

    I think the best bet is for someone with some actual talent to make a film that isn't directly trying to port a game to the screen, but rather use a franchise like GTA where it's an established universe but not established characters.

    Not necessarily GTA mind you, not really sure that would translate all that well but it's the first series I could think of with that sort of set up.

      I've always liked this idea with GTA, something like a Guy Ritchie crime movie, with more of a slant towards that Rockstar satire and humour.

    Wolf Among Us.

      There was talk of a Fables TV show a while back, but it fell through. And then oddly similar shows appeared on the networks that decided not to go through with the show (Grimm & Once Upon a Time).

      WB are currently developing a movie.

    Mega Man. Because robots fighting.

      Super Fighting Robot - Mega Man!

        Wait. Wait. This was a thing?

        Oh my god.

          Yep. There's a 100% legit Mega Man morning cartoon series. It even has a crossover with X. It's pretty much what you'd expect after seeing that intro.

      Done that:
      Pacific Rim
      Atlantic Rim
      Real Steel (not bad actually)

        Actually Real Steel was Teleroboxer: The Movie. And it was awesome!

        Sadly never got to see Pacific Rim, really wanted to though. My friends are jerks.

    I agree with Uncharted, because it's already pretty cinematic.

    It's hard to say though, with video games you have around 10 hours + on average to tell a story, establish a connection with the characters and hopefully find some kind of emotional resonance with what's happening, which is made all the more easy as you the player is in control to a degree of what's happening, and much of the characterisation comes from our own projections and expectations on the character which is essentially a fantasy version of you, so that connection is more easily made.

    Alas, you have ostensibly 2 hours nowadays for a movie, to do all those things, and the viewer is so much more passive in this situation, it's somewhat more difficult to form that connection.

    But this is all getting off track, my vote for game to movie is Zero: the Kamikaze Squirrel on SNES.
    OR, Marble Madness.

    Your image makes me think of Spec Ops: The Line.

      I could go for a The Line movie very muchly!

          Did Apocalypse Now have a White Phosphorous incident? I still need to see that.

          Touché! Didn't think of Apocalypse Now. That being said, I still think an adaption of this game set in a deserted desert city would be pretty fresh and different enough.

      If i'm not mistaken, I think Nolan North voiced the protagonist of The Line too.

    I think Metroid Prime could be made into a pretty sweet movie. Although it'd have near zero dialog.

      An almost silent Metroid Prime movie would be pretty cool.

    inFAMOUS? BioShock? Crysis 1? Mirrors Edge?

      BioShock could be awesome! I feel like Mirror's Edge might end up being too cheezy once Hollywood got their hands on it but who knows eh. Surely would look cool as.

        Yeah. I feel like Mirror's Edge would end up coming out looking like a cheesy 90's rollerblade commercial. Like Hackers for parkour.

          I guess it doesn't really have enough story element to work with, even by Hollywood standards. Plus, if there was actually any first-person segments it'd make half the theater feel woozy probably haha

          FWIW, if I was a studio exec and you opened your pitch with " Hackers for parkour", I'd throw a briefcase full of cash at you before yelling at my assistant to go get me a clean pair of pants and an appointment with David Belle's agent.

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    Mass Effect, except that it isn't just trying to take the game's story and hack it down to a fraction of what's in the games. Take the universe, and tell us a DIFFERENT story. Picking one of the main characters and tell us what happened before the events of the game (A movie about Captain Kirrahe and the STG? I'd watch that). Or take one of them and show what happened in those 2 years while Shep was dead (A movie with Tali as the star maybe?).

    Will never happen, I know, but I can dream :P

      There's already an animated movie based on Mass Effect. It's a prequel for ME3, looking at a previous mission by James Vega, the marine who hacks around in the ship hangar.

      That actually fits what you're asking for pretty closely.

      It's not great, but it's not terrible either. I've certainly seen worse game-to-movie conversions.

        Yeah I've seen it, it was an okay diversion. What I mean is something along those lines but with a character that ME fans care about more (Vega was alright, but his history wasn't that interesting. He was a military dude doing military stuff *shrug*), like Garrus when he's Archangel or something like that.

        You're right though, it did match up pretty close to what I described. But getting a more first-hand look into some of the alien societies, like Tali's people, would be more interesting than a focus on a human military story ImO.

      Tell us the story of Garrus while he is Archangel

    I really think Alan Wake would work well. The good thing is, anyone who remembers the gameplay knows it sucked a little. Only has the story to live up to.

    I think one based on Assasins Creed 2 could work well as well, but I think you would have to almost ignore Desmond completely. I like the Desmond storyline, but not sure how well it will translate to a movie.

      I really enjoyed the gameplay of Alan wake...I think it would make a great movie.

    Ghostbusters : The Video Game
    Yeah they should really make that into a franchise and use actors like Bill Murray, and Dan Akroyd Those guys would be fantastic!

    LA Noire would make a good TV miniseries like a few of those UK ones eg. State of Play.

    On a standard movie, my gut says something like Dragon Age in the style of Kingdom of Heaven.

    But is there that much point in a movie based on something that's already very cinematic like Uncharted, Heavy Raid, Metal Gear Solid, etc movie? You could stitch cutscenes from most of them into a movie.

    Personally I want Fable The Animated Series. A moderately adult (or childish, depending on how you feel towards fart jokes) 14 episode animated series set a few hundred years before the first game.

      A series based on the fable universe could be pretty cool

      I think something like that was done for LEGO Batman 2. There is a LEGO Batman movie which is literally the cut scenes from the game stitched together

        I'm pretty sure I've seen the movie you're talking about but I've got no idea how close it is to the game. My copy of LEGO Batman 2 is still sitting unplayed on top of my XBOX (it's been the next game on my list for a long time). From what I remember it wasn't too wildly incoherent and there were proper action scenes and stuff that I'd expect to be playable, so I'm guessing there was a reasonable amount of new content made for the movie.

    Mass effect, Assassins creed, Metal Gear.

    I think they would be fantastic movies, IF they stuck to the lore of the game, Not some half assed re imagined version from a director/script writers that knows nothing of the franchise.
    This is my Petpev with Super hero movies. Directors think we want to see their version, NO! I wanna see the comic come to life.

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      But why? You've already seen that movie.

      Wouldn't you much rather pay to see an entirely new story?

        Dan, The problem at the moment is the people who write the scripts/directors/Producers/actors are not people who know anything about the Lore of the franchise, They have heard of some of it thought, Hey I like that, but what if this was to happen, without actually doing any research into it, play the games or at least having a huge fan explaining things.
        i would be open to Original scripts if they followed the Lore or at least got the nod from the Author/Producer/Fans of the franchise.
        Case in point - Dragon evolution - A massive shit. Even the creator Akira Toriyama said it was nothing to do with him after fox ignored his advise on the making of the movie.

      I'd actually like to see a Metal Gear movie.
      Not MGS, but the original Metal Gear. Doesn't need a game, just a movie to cover the story.
      Bonus points: Do it in a semi-cheesey 80's style (Escape from LA) to match the influences of the original game.

    I don't even play the damn game but I'd have to acknowledge that Star-Craft would be a pretty boss movie.

      Already done - it's called Starship Troopers. Best damn love story of the 90s!

      My vote goes to Pong. Just coz. :)

    The Fallout Series would make for great tv series in the vane of GoT, the same goes for Warcraft and Starcraft if they use the universe

      For something fan made but pretty well done...



    But seriously, I want to see a StarCraft movie just based on the cinematic cutscenes from Starcraft 2. Or a Diablo movie.

    I'd also love to see a Warcraft movie based on Lord of the Clans. The game was never released, so there's much more room to take artistic license without pissing off the fans, and it's using one of the series' most iconic characters (Thrall). I believe the new movie is looking at the medivh / lothar angle, but I personally think Thrall's story would be more compelling.

    Other than Blizzard... Deus Ex would also make a great movie. I'd also love to see just a completely balls-to-the-walls over-the-top movie based on BulletStorm.

    The Witcher with a proper AAA production would work. Surprised no big Cable studio grabbed it after GoT got so huge.

    Mass Effect is a no-brainer too.
    But just to mix it up I'd like to see the entire film shot through the eyes of Shepard, so the viewer becomes Shepard much like the player was through the customisation of the character. The first-person view would be a refined version of the found-footage style, ditching the shaky-cam and using space-opera type cinematography instead.

      There already was a TV show back in 2002. It's in Polish (since they are Polish books). I'm pretty sure I watched them as a kid.

      I doubt that the Witcher movie would be popular in a post GOT world though. I feel like it's a missed opportunity.

      Ha I just posted this suggestion, must have been at the exact same time.......great minds and all that jazz.

      Didn't the Doom movie have lots of action scenes shot from the first person perspective?
      And also, didn't it suck dead bears in swamp water?

        or maybe one scene that last 2 minutes?

        "This one thing did X and was bad, so all things that do X will be bad." Classic, narrow-minded gamer logic.

          This is why I posed the question. I genuinely did not know. I had heard there were lots of FP Perspective scenes... now you say it was one 2 min sequence. I am therefore better informed. Also... did the movie NOT suck ?

            I watched it because I like crappy C-movies, was presently surprised by the quality.
            It was on par with most sci-fi movies (the ones without big name actors). Good camerawork, no overblown CG and for the most part it played like a good story, if a little shallow.

            The one FP scene I laughed my ass off. It was out of place; just there to let the gamers know this is still DOOM.

    I saw the picture at a glance (the thumbnail sized one) and it looked roughly like the movie poster for Star wars episode 1 with young Anakin walking in the sand, then I tied that with the movie franchise and thought any movie based around a star wars videogame is kind of strange given the universe extended from the movies. I assume it is a Nathan drake pose though?
    Tomb Raider was from a video game adaptation and I liked those.
    I haven't really played any of those big budget games (Uncharted, assassins creed, mass effect etc.) as my gaming extends to Wii (U) and SNES.
    But I would be intreagued by a chronotrigger storyline, An anime movie though rather than live action as you can have a lot more creative flair with art pieces while still holding to the storyline in an animated movie better than restrictions of live action.

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