PC Game Was Too Punishing, So The Devs Hit The ‘Cruisey’ Button

PC Game Was Too Punishing, So The Devs Hit The ‘Cruisey’ Button

I was really excited for Gods Will Be Watching, so it was a bit crushing to find that when the game was actually released, it was little more than a punishing checklist simulator.

Guess I wasn’t the only one down on the game, as the developers have released a pretty important update that adds a few new modes which fundamentally change the experience.

One is Narrative Mode, which just lets you click through the story. Sounds pedestrian, but it’s actually cool since the game’s tale of grey areas and betrayal is pretty great.

The second is called Puzzle Mode (which has two levels of difficulty of its own to choose from), which terrifies me, because it says that it eliminates all elements of chance from the game’s challenges. I’d suffered thinking that my failures had at least been down to game design and could eventually be overcome through trial-and-error. Knowing there’d been chance kicking me in the face at the same time is… disheartening.

Above is an image which the devs say “contains the feeling of the update”. Pretty much.

Note: the original, murderous game mode is still there. These are just additions.

Gods Will Be Watching [Steam]

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