Remember This?

Well done to mattyb83, your guess was correct! It was Return to Zork. Nicely done.

Good luck with today's effort everyone.


    My comments never show up in time, but Cyberia?

    Last edited 26/08/14 12:46 pm

      Yeah I was gonna guess Cyberia. Awesome game for it's time. It took me forever to work out that computer password though.

      Last edited 26/08/14 12:53 pm

    Cyberian, area outside the gun turret on the oil rig at start.

    I thought it reminded me of Bioforge's visuals so tried google.. found the exact screenshot on a broken site mis-labeled as being from Bioforge! Once I saw the whole thing I knew damn well it wasn't Bioforge.

    'course, it's Cyberia.

    Really gotta check the images you put up through tineye and Google reverse image search before submitting the article. The last few came up straight away through Google's reverse image search making it ever so hard to determine whether someone's answer is legitimate or not.

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