Remember This?

Well done to tr33t0ps for guessing yesterday's Remember This. I thought I had you all stumped for a while.

The game was The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate. Well done team.

Good luck with today's effort.



    Looks like a SNES era RPG of sorts.... so.... Terranigma?

    This looks very familiar. I was thinking a tile based TBS, but none of the ones I have fit.

    My mental image of the ocean thanks to a lifetime of playing video games?

    Wonderboy 3: Dragon's Trap on mastersystem! OR if its the other version it's Dragon's curse on Turbografx. I grew up on this game :P

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    Why is my comment still being moderated but I can see other peoples new comments appearing?

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    A link to the past?

    Shining Force? I'm guessing Shining Force 2. That was my first RPG experience :) absolutely loved it.

      Although the water looks a touch more modern now that I've said that.

    Final Fantasy V (five)!! My only 16bit FF. One day FF6, one day...

    this is hurting my brain... i know what it is.... i KNOW that pattern.... i just cant word it... with my thinking blob in head thing...

    Dragon quest 2 i think

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      Lunar : Eternal Blue

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    My first guess was a top down scrolling shooter, but I definitely think it's a 16 bit J RPG. For the life of me I don't know which one.

    Shining Force 2 is my guess. @masterbuddha beat me to it but.

      It reminds me of it but I'm not 100%. I'm picturing either the Kraken fight or the world map water.

        It's world map water, but not all world map water. I think it's one specific body of water in that game.

    I thought it was Dragon Quest V, but the water wasn't quite that detailed.

    Ive seen this before. First time ive ever actually recognised something....yet I dont know what it is. Makes me so angry.

      This one is tugging on the "I know that" mental strings... Uurrrggghhh.

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