Remember This?

Man, maybe I am starting to lose it. On Monday I did a new Remember This without even realising that I had done that game before. Well done to B-ob for re-guessing that it was Baraduke!

Good luck with today's effort.


    You're certainly losing it when you post the same picture twice :)

    I'm getting a pachinko vibe, but I've got no idea where it's from. Guess my hat-trick will have to go begging.

    Mr Do's Castle!
    Played the *@^ out of this on the C64 but this version looks newer, I'm guessing arcade.

    Last edited 07/07/15 12:23 pm

      yep looks like the arcade version -'s_Castle

      Last edited 07/07/15 12:25 pm

    It's not "Shoot" is it? That DOS shooting-alley game?

    I know I'm wrong but Sonic came to mind immediately.

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