Remember This?

Well it seems as though no-one managed to guess yesterday's Remember This. You need a second clue and I'm here to give it to you!

Also, here's yesterday's clue for reference...

Good luck everyone!


    Did anyone say Metal Gear Solid yesterday?

    If no, then I'll say it now.

      I did. And tbh i still think it is :P

      Maybe rogue spear .

      Perhaps even Manhunt.

      Last edited 28/08/14 12:20 pm

        U just reminded me of manhunter! damn that game was good.

    the n64 version of Golden Eye, i think i spent so much time trying to shoot that clock off with a rocket launcher.

    Dino Crisis or Perfect Dark

    Max Payne 2

    Want to say Syphon Filter but really not sure...

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