The First Real Look At Quantum Break

The First Real Look At Quantum Break

Finally, a nice meaty preview of the next game from the makers of Max Payne and Alan Wake. Remedy creative director Sam Lake introduced a live gameplay demo for Quantum Break from Gamescom this morning, which showed hero Jack Joyce using his special powers in combat.

After being caught in the blast of a time-travel experiment gone wrong, Jack can rush through time for super-speed movement and freeze time in specific areas to lock enemies in place and deal more damage with gunfire.

The demo also showed a time stutter — one of the frozen sequences that Jack will have to wend his way through, fighting enemies that will use technology that lets them move through the moment.


  • Looks super cool 🙂 … Hopefully it makes a bunch of cash so they can make Alan Wake 2.

    • I’m not sure I want an Alan Wake sequel. I absolutely adored the game, but the story should end where it did. It was well crafted before DLC muddied it up.

      One of my favourites from last gen I never saw coming.

  • Yep, definitely getting an Xbone for Xmas. This, Sunset, Tomb Raider and Halo have sold me.

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