The First Real Look At Quantum Break

The First Real Look at Quantum Break

Finally, a nice meaty preview of the next game from the makers of Max Payne and Alan Wake. Remedy creative director Sam Lake introduced a live gameplay demo for Quantum Break from Gamescom this morning, which showed hero Jack Joyce using his special powers in combat.

After being caught in the blast of a time-travel experiment gone wrong, Jack can rush through time for super-speed movement and freeze time in specific areas to lock enemies in place and deal more damage with gunfire.

The demo also showed a time stutter — one of the frozen sequences that Jack will have to wend his way through, fighting enemies that will use technology that lets them move through the moment.


    in b4 graphics look nothing like this on release

    Looks super cool :-) ... Hopefully it makes a bunch of cash so they can make Alan Wake 2.

      I'm not sure I want an Alan Wake sequel. I absolutely adored the game, but the story should end where it did. It was well crafted before DLC muddied it up.

      One of my favourites from last gen I never saw coming.

    I guess I can see potential for one day getting an XBone to play this.

    Yep, definitely getting an Xbone for Xmas. This, Sunset, Tomb Raider and Halo have sold me.

    This looks even cooler than when TimeShift did it 7 years ago!

    Man, Remedy sure are the masters of Jackets.

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