When Dark Souls II Hacking Becomes Art

When Dark Souls II Hacking Becomes Art

Hacking in a game is often used for banal, selfish reasons. But when someone uses it for something wonderful, it deserves a little bit of credit.

MrAlbinoLama hacked Dark Souls II to turn his magic projectiles into hypnotic, cascading shapes that are very soothing to watch. I am not saying you should do this — hacking is a problem in any community. But I am saying that it's ok to acknowledge the ability for people to take a product, alter it, and turn it into something wonderful.

After all, it's so damn peaceful to look at.

MrAlbinoLama via r/darksouls2


    Bit surprised Mark didn't cover this story...he seems to be "all about" Dark Souls.

    So when GTA V does it, it's a "Mod", but when Dark Souls II does it, it's "Hacking"? It's only hacking if you're using it in the online space, especially to give yourself an advantage or to grief other players. If it's just for making pretty movies and making the game interesting for yourself, it's a mod.

      Well, by literal definition, hacking means to alter the original item to make it behave better or different. So hacking is the correct term and modding is just another name for hacking.

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