Destiny Leak Shows What Future DLC Could Bring

Destiny Leak Shows What Future DLC Could Bring

It’s no secret that Destiny is going to get bigger in the months and years to come; Bungie has already announced two expansion packs for the game. Now, thanks to an odd-looking bug, we’ve gotten what appears to be a look at what those expansion packs will add.

This video, posted to YouTube by Scott M, shows a weird bug that locked the player out of all missions (including Tower) while simultaneously revealing every mission on the map.

Destiny player Ben Kinsella says he’s the one who originally experienced the bug, and uploaded another similar-looking video:

It shows a number of new strikes and two new raids, all housed on planets that came with the base game. One of the raids takes place on Reef, where the Awakened queen and her jerkface brother live. The names of the expansions in the video match up with the names of the planned DLC expansions: The Dark Below, which will be out sometime in December, and House of Wolves, which is coming sometime next year. It also shows the Iron Banner, a free multiplayer event coming in October.

Here’s the new stuff:

Bear in mind that while this bug does appear to reveal a number of new additions that line up with what we’re expecting from the expansions, there could well be other additions like new gear, bounties, crucible maps, etc. It’s also not clear whether the expansion content is already on the game disc — it’s possible (or even likely) that the icons on the map are just placeholders for new content that will be delivered digitally.

We’ve hit up Bungie to see if they’d be willing to give us a better sense of what the DLC will bring, and will update if we hear back.

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  • So having got to level 20 on the weekend, was anyone else incredibly let down by the last fight on Mars?

    • Not really, I already knew what to expect seeing as every boss fight in the game is exactly the same; waves of enemies + boss.

    • Yeah, I didn’t actually realise that the story had ‘ended’. Until I went youtubing to try to find out if I was missing out on any missions.

    • Yeah. I thought I was gonna struggle, but it was surprisingly easy.

      I was expecting another super massive boss after the three statue bosses and was bracing myself. Then I was like “oh, that’s it?” And considering I’m terrible at first person shooters on console, that’s saying something haha.

        • The tanks easy once you know to shoot out his legs. I was actually a little let down by the rest of the bosses in the game. They’ve all got their weak points but the weak points aren’t really important. You run into the huge chamber and see the final boss chained up in the last Strike on the Moon, and you figure there’s going to be some sort of mechanic too those chains, but nah, you just shoot him until he dies. You can make him stagger if you shoot his precision point on his belly enough but you don’t need to. If you keep shooting him in the head for white damage he’ll die soon enough.
          If I could redesign that encounter I would make it so that there were levers on both sides of the room each guarded by a group of enemies. The boss would have his attack but it would be much more deadly and quick. So you pull a lever, the chains pull him down and leave him vulnerable to attack until he can pull the chains back and stand up again. This keeps going until he’s 1/3 health, at which point he breaks the chains and goes berserk. Now he’ll attack both the players and the Hive enemies, but his reaction time/attack power is about what it is now, so you can burn him down from there out. He also seems like the sort of boss who needs a charge mechanic, so maybe he can charge and then stagger for a second if you bait him into hitting something solid.

          • I meant harder as in more time consuming, its a horrible fight, shooting his legs is pretty obvious, it just takes AGES, and there’s always 1 random in the strike who keeps running straight at him and dying over and over.
            Or the 1 guy who doesn’t realise you can res yourself after 20 seconds and decides to just stay dead until someone comes and gets him from underneath the boss.

          • It does seem strangely slow. Fighting it in open world or in the level 8 version of the Strike takes a long time. It would probably help if his head came forward and down more so you could get a clean shot at the sweet spot while he faces you. I always find myself wasting time running out into the open to get a clear shot at it (or slowly bursting out some shots at the very small spot at the top of his head).
            I’d love to be able to jump on his back and punch his exposed spot until he gets back up and shakes you off. Sort of like how you could jump on the front of vehicles in Halo. Actually that’d be a pretty awesome addition for most bosses and large enemies. =P

  • I hope the future content brings on more than just a higher level horde modes. The same enemies doing the same things for another 40 hours I think will result in a huge amount of players moving on to new games. Killing that 10 year plan.
    Oh and can we get the other half of the story too Bungie, ay? 😉

  • Man, I remember the last time The Dark Below got leaked. Of course, back then it was a World of Warcraft expansion…

  • For what it’s worth, that Level 26 Summoning Pits Strike isn’t new. It’s the version of that Strike that only appears when you’re doing the Thorn Exotic Weapon bounty.

    I’m happy to see they are adding new Story content though and reworking the loot system. Looking forward to December.

    • Boy am I glad I chose the Toland’s Legacy bounty for the exotic pulse rifle instead. 25 strikes and 10,000 points accumulated in the Crucible sounds way better than a level 26 Phogoth.

      • With the incoming buff hopefully it gets better than my legendary pulse rifle…Gawd Bad Juju is just that…Bad.

        • I stayed with the Stranger’s Rifle for awhile but I found that auto rifles are the way to go in the crucible so I’ve gone back to those for now, with a hand cannon as backup when I have a headshot bounty. There’s so many variants that the names don’t really stand out to me, I think it’s a Galahad or something? I also have a Japanese-sounding one (possibly Miyamoto) that had an insane fire rate but skitters all over the place.

          • I can’t use anything but The Stranger’s Rifle for PvP. For me it just has the perfect, recoil, damage, range, rate of fire balance. All other pulse rifles just feel wrong.

      • You don’t actually have to kill Phogoth. “Just” the waves of adds until Xyor appears haha. I completed it the other day, not fun.

        Really happy to see they’re buffing Thorn and Bad Juju. They’re a little underwhelming at the moment.

      • Yeah. I got Bad Juju first and then figured I’d give the Hand Cannon a shot. The steps to get to the final stage weren’t as bad as they sounded, although requiring Void damage was a real douchebag move, but now I’ve got to do the special mission which I can’t pug. By comparison the only ‘hard’ part about Toland’s Legacy is waiting for Xur to show up.

        • The void damage thing is in the crucible isn’t it, +5 points for kills with void and -2 for deaths wasn’t it? Do you know if it’s deaths in general or specifically deaths with void?

          • I’m pretty sure it’s just deaths in general. It went down when I was killed by Pike guns and I don’t think they’re Void damage. I was pretty lucky that my old blue rocket launcher and my unused purple shotgun were both void damage. I’m not a great player but I can run and gun with a shotgun pretty well. There were a few maps where short range was a problem but I only ended a match lower than what I started (by two points) once. I’m just lucky I had them or else I would have been stuck using a sniper rifle. Would have taken me months with one of those.

          • The exotic bounties are hellishly difficult, I’m working on one now where I have to have a kill/death spread of 25 in the crucible. 25 more kills than deaths. By the way the counter goes up, that’s generally having a kill/death ratio of around or over 1 for about 6-7 matches consistently and since my average tends to be in the 0.8 range…

          • Owch. I was looking at the outlines for all the Exotic Bounty missions and that one seemed to be the most ridiculous of them all. Although I’m not sure if it’s as crazy as the wording makes it sound. The way you described it makes it sound like a counter of just the times you had more kills than deaths and how far you went over. So at the end of the match if you get 11 kills and 8 deaths that adds 3 to the counter.

          • Ahh, invective. I too thought it would be a difficult slog in the crucible, until I learnt 1 thing: assists counted as kills for the purpose of this portion of the bounty. Stick with your team mates, get some hit markers and you are golden.

          • Assists count?? As in one assist is one kill? Okay, that I’m going to try then! I can always get the opposition down to a heavily damaged state and often die when trying to finish them off, if I can stick with someone else and get partial credit if they finish them off then that will help enormously

    • Unlikely. I doubt that the content is actually there – just the menu access.

      I’m really hoping we’ll see more planets added through DLC later. There’s been speculation about Jupiter being added, in the form of a floating city of some kind.

      I’d also be interested to see what they make of Mercury, since apparently the Traveller enabled it to be colonised along with Venus becoming a garden world instead of a roiling mass of bubbling sulphur.

        • You do go there in the Burning Shrine crucible map. I wonder if that is a good example of what to expect.

      • Mercury will be the centre of the Osiris PvP event, it will use the Mercury PvP map already in the game, don’t know if we will see much else of the planet

  • So we are now expected to pay a whopping $30 or so, so we can run around the exact same areas and kill harder versions of the same things. For a massive DLC price tag like that, I expected at least a new planet or something. I like the game now, but I was really expecting something big, not just something that we should be getting as free updates (new raids and missions.)

    • This assumes that the new content is what’s planned for the DLC in December and not part of content that will just open up sometime in the next two months in a similar fashion to the current Queen’s Wrath.

      • I’m not going to bash them for cutting content, there are a lot of smart reasons why MMOs should have at least three major content patches ready to ship at launch, but even if this is free content it doesn’t raise Destiny’s cost-to-content ratio by much. I mean I played the beta and assumed we only explored the start of the Earth content, and that there were going to be more than just three other planets.
        I love the game and it’s got a ton of replayability but there’s no denying that there isn’t much content.

        [Edit: It also has “expansion required” on most of the mission summaries and shares names with the announced DLC names.]

        • Those are extremely valid points, but I remain hopeful that there will be more content than a few strikes/missions retreading the same ground we’ve already seen.

    • Yeah for that price, I’m certainly waiting to see what the content is to see if it’s actually worth it

  • This is not encouraging. The game is extremely shallow. The game should double in encounters AND ZONES with a single expansion, not just a few new encounters for each zone. Triple the size of the game for 35 bucks would make me happy and want to continue. But right now, it is a template with far too much potential that hasn’t been utilized. I haven’t seen a game get called Exploitative as much as Destiny has, and that shocks the hell out of me. Bungie need to get their shit together before they have no reason to keep to that 10 year contract.

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