Destiny 2's Next Expansion, Warmind, Drops May 8

Announced via their official blog, Bungie has announced that the second paid expansion for Destiny 2, Warmind will be landing on May 8.

According to a development roadmap, which you can view below, the new DLC will add a lot of features Destiny fans enjoyed in the original: private matches, seasonal rankings for Crucible, modifiers for heroic modifiers, as well as challenge cards for nightfall raids, more space in their vault, and a seasonal progression system for vendors.

"For every player of Destiny 2, we’ll be releasing all of the new Crucible Maps being developed for Warmind into matchmaking," Bungie wrote. "To keep the community in the Crucible unified, everyone will see new arenas in matchmade playlists like Quickplay, Competitive, Trials of the Nine, Iron Banner, as well as the new weekly rotators that include Rumble and Mayhem."

Whether Warmind will help alleviate the many gripes Destiny fans have had with the sequel, however, is another story. The developers will showcase more of the DLC in a preview stream on April 25 Australian time, adding that it'll contain new activities, loot, enemies and new locations. What you'd expect, really.

To find out more, as well as information on general ideas Bungie has planned for future seasons, head to the official blog.


    Are people still playing this? Strange, I dont think ill be back. There were no achievements for the last expansion I doubt ill be back for this.

      I was actually surprised they're still supporting this game.

        I think at this point they have to complete their season pass. Also from what i hear Destiny 3 is already in the works.

          I wont be buying it. They have royally fucked this franchise.

    Same, I moronically bought the season pass version of the game and I can't even be bothered.

      I'll do you one better, I bought season passes for both PS4 and PC (stupid friends being on different platforms). Played through the campaign on Curse of Osiris on one and haven't touched since

      I don't mind as much. I went through a key-seller, so my copy which included expansions was cheaper than the base game through Blizz.

      I did play through about half of Curse of Osiris, but didn't finish it. Got a few hours out of the base campaign, grinded up some light or whatever they call it, but fuckit, there was no point to any of it, really.

      Just... bored.

      Doublepost, yay.

      Well, quick edit then to add: I'm not particularly sore, just resigned. Bungie done fucked up, but I got some fun for my money, and knew from D1 not to invest heavily, emotionally.

      Going in with low expectations means it's harder for it to disappoint. I mean... they miraculously did still manage to disappoint, which is impressive, really. But it didn't sting as much as it did for D1.

      So I'm considering that a win. No hard feeelings, but no redemption. RIP Bungie. We'll always have Halo.

      Last edited 12/04/18 7:03 pm

    I'll third that. I played the first game a lot, dipping in and out of it continuously through its lifespan, but I played a pretty good chunk of 2 when it came out, through to just after the first expansion and having stopped, I might not ever go back to it. Not feeling any pull at all.

    I got the season pass so I'll go back and at least play the story missions but I don't expect to hang around. I did play the crap out of it initially so I feel like I got my money's worth regardless, but the last couple of times I tried to play it wasn't even 5 minutes before I decided to do something else.

    Still playing it, still loving it...

      Well done, admitting you have a problem is the first step!

      I'm teasing.

    What blows my mind is they keep adding features that were in d1 and should have been d2 at release but pass this off as new content worthy of an dlc. I foolishly bought the season pass and can't be bothered playing anymore.

      Yeah I read that in their roadmap they're putting in weapon slot changes in September. Good to see they reverting back to the D1 system but jeez they didn't need to break what wasn't broken

        the changes are good for sure, but these kind of things should never have been removed in the first place. If the most exciting this to look forward to in a game is a return of old features you know you have problems

          Agreed. My clan stopped playing so long ago, and we've even lost the will to go back into D1 and play some of that for ol' times sake

          I saw it put brilliantly on the forums. "After a year spent running in the wrong direction, they've excitedly mapped out how long it's going to take them to get back to the fucking starting line."

            The most accurate description of what's happening with Destiny 2 for sure.

    I have the season pass, haven't played since the first few weeks of Osiris. Reaaaaaally don't have any desire to return, but i'll give it a spin just to see whats changed (my guess is not much).

    Played the first 3 months flat out, got my $$ worth, disgusted by the last patch they called an expansion definately not going back! So many better games out now, with Developers wanting their playerbase! I think 1 out of the 25 friends that used to play still plays it, even if they went F2P they won't revive this!! Just bury it??

    In the same boat as everybody else, but i did play it enough the first month to not feel like my money went down the toilet. It's a dam shame really because all the basics are there for a quality game, it's just lacking a bit of a love. With so many other games to play I'm afraid Destiny may be dead to me now. it's not me Destiny, it's mainly you

    Last edited 12/04/18 5:45 pm

    I really miss the ranking and private matches of the Halo games, and those were just in the base games. Speaking of which, might be time to get back into the MCC.
    Games as a service really hasn't gone to plan for so many companies so far.

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