Some Destiny Owners Say Bungie Can’t Address Customer Service Problems

Some Destiny Owners Say Bungie Can’t Address Customer Service Problems

“I’ve Given Up on Destiny and Got My Refund” “ERRORS ERRORS ERRORS” “Server problems. Worse then ever now -.-“ These are some of the top trending posts on Bungie’s official help forums. As you can probably guess, they’re filled with angry people.

The users in those threads are mad at the lack of a support infrastructure to help them resolve various issues that prevent them from playing Activision’s high-profile sci-fi shooter. Destiny spits out error codes named after animals (and sometimes plants) when it’s having problems connecting to servers. But hundreds of players on Bungie help forums feel like guidance on resolving those problems has been elusive. There’s seemingly no dedicated phone number or support staff for helping Destiny‘s beleaguered players out and, when a game’s sold millions of copies in a week’s time, that’s a big problem.

Information regarding possible fixes patches has come through Bungie’s support site and @BungieHelp but those channels don’t seem to be enough to handle the quantity and variety of complaints. A specific forum topic was started by Bungie as an epicentre for player problems and solutions, as well.

But, as also reported on Ars Technica, some people on Bungie’s help forums feel like crowdsourcing fixes is not enough.

Big games — especially ones that are heavily dependent on a constant connection to remote servers — often launch with problems. Rockstar Games offers support for its various titles, with forums that show when an issue has been responded to. And Activision has a robust support site for all its other games, with personalised support for individual users. But, without better customer service communication, Destiny‘s problems might take a long while to get better.

Kotaku staffers who are playing Destiny haven’t reported any major functionality problems during their time with the game. When contacted by Kotaku, Bungie replied with this statement:

Since launch the Destiny datacenter has remained fully online and functional serving millions of users through the most successful launch of a new IP ever. We are aware of a small number of issues which are largely the result of internet filtering from institutions like universities. Bungie’s networking team has been working actively with those institutions and hardware providers to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep people playing.


  • *new game in angry customer shock*

    Show me one game that has released without any issues whatsoever

    • It’s actually released with far less issues than most online only games, but does that really excuse the fact there is no official support channel at all?

      I’m going to mention you here too @vanit, you’re right about the launch but that isn’t really the issue here. If someone is having trouble with a product there should be someone they can talk to.

      • oh damn, Croc. I remember the demo of that. Back in the day when I’d play demo discs on the Official PS Mag more than I’d play full games 😀

        • Those were the days, demos were the most played things back then i mean you could commit and buy a game but next month another demo is gonna come out so why bother

  • As far as launches of online games go Destiny nailed it. It sucks that people are having these problems, but its telling that articles like this took a week to show up. Diablo 3, this is not.

    • Ha, I just posted on another article that Destiny’s loot system trolls hard like vanilla D3 did but at least they haven’t been having the same server issues. Personally, I’ve had no problems. Could be just a US thing.

  • my sound keeps cutting out during cut scenes like every 15 seconds. its like it just skips a second of music etc. this happening to anyone else?

  • Only problem ive experienced so far is one where a fireteam member in party chat disconnected from the game and chat every 3-5 minutes. After restarting his router and PS4 it fixed itself. After reading the article its come down to…Bungie on MS revenge;)

  • A lot of my issues are due to my Nat type. My router is from Telstra and its so difficult to almost impossible to change it to open. Some days destiny works others I continually drop from servers.

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