Bungie Cancels Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris Stream To Address Fan Anger

In the wake of widespread anger over the state of Destiny 2, Bungie said today that it is cancelling tomorrow's livestream, which was meant to be the third of three streams promoting the game's upcoming expansion, Curse of Osiris. Instead, Bungie said, it will address the overall state of the game tomorrow in a blog post.

Posting on Bungie's forums today, David "Deej" Dague delivered the news:

Tomorrow, we had planned to conduct the final stream prior to the launch of "Curse of Osiris" to show off some of the weapons and armour the expansion includes. Instead, we are investing all our efforts into delivering some higher priority information about Destiny 2. You'll hear from studio leadership about their assessment of Destiny all up, they will talk about our goals for the game going forward, and you'll also learn about how we're reacting to your feedback with some game updates that will arrive in the next few weeks.

That will appear on the Bungie Blog on Wednesday.

This comes after a bad few days for Destiny 2, as hardcore fans grumble not just over the recently changed XP system (which Bungie modified after players discovered it was rigged) but about the endgame, the loot system, and other perceived flaws in the popular shooter. Bungie had received a great deal of criticism for its lack of communication with fans, and the company now appears to be taking big steps to address that.

Curse of Osiris comes out on Tuesday, December 5. Tomorrow's stream was scheduled to focus on the expansion's new gear.


    Having played Destiny 2 on PC since it was released, I don't really feel the hate. I'm still having a blast playing, and I just got my mates into a group and we're gearing up to try the Leviathan.
    If we were more of the hardcore-y type people I can see how the end-game content could be disappointing, but from my semi-casual perspective it's still a fun game.

      Its a great game for sure, but it could be so so so much better with a few tweaks.

      There's just nothing to do outside of the few quests u get for powerful engrams each week or the raid.

      While there's a ton of stuff to do, most isn't rewarding loot wise.

      People want to play more, the game itself is good. Just the carrot on the stick disappears from most aspects of the game at around 270-280 light level and up.

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        Oh, I don't know, you could always repeat activities for... uh. Glimmer and weapon parts from all the useless loot you dismantle! :D

        Tons to do? like those 5 unique public events and those 5 strikes?

        Destiny is this open world game where you have nothing to do, there is no interaction whats over. The tower is full of people who just stand around and fill empty space.

        The story is bullux, 1-2h and you are through the campain - are you joking?

        I love this kind of games around looting ... but destiny is a massive rip off ... the graphics is the ONLY good about that game ...

        i wish so hard that destiny was a borderlands with destinys graphic .... borderlanads had at least story, charm and repleayability ... destiny? destiny is an insult to every gamer

      Im and Ex D1 player Xbox, now D2 PC player.. I still enjoy the game very much so.

      but believe me when I say, let these guys complain on your behalf.. it would make the game a lot better.

      if you're preparing for the raid then it sounds like you're sub 280 light... there's a wealth of activities to do at low light levels. as I said in the other article about Destiny 2, the real horrendous grind and lacking of meaningful content is around 280 light and onward

        What grind? I was max power level by the 3rd week. There is no grind. I am bored out of my brain with this game because there is no further reason to play. Try play destiny 1 if you really want to know what a grind feels like. There is no depth to this game, and it is far too casual friendly. The raid used to be something you'd cheer for finishing, now it's just alright what's next.

      It's mostly the changes to gear drops, the strikes only being available via the rotations not selectable from the map or first time through part of the story (so they just feel out of context...) and some of the other changes that seem to have ignored 3 years of tweaking D1.

      It's a lot better game than D1 at launch, and it's a lot better in some ways than D1 ever was (the story is at least coherent this time round) but it's frustrating too that some things that worked have been dumped.

    Yeah, I'm getting a serial-cheater's plaintive, "Don't be like that baby, I'll change, I promise!" kinda vibe from that statement.

    Really, Bungie? You've finally identified the underlying core conflict of goals/priorities between devs and the playerbase and have decided to actually see things the players' way instead of dictating from on high that players who aren't enjoying their direction are 'doing it wrong?' That if you can just explain in teeny tiny words that players might understand, see things from your point of view, then everyone would realize that they're actually wrong and the game is perfect but they just didn't realize it? That underlying philosophy that has driven your attitude towards communication and design, "We're Bungie - we know what we're doing, trust us we can't possibly get it wrong," is identified as actually incorrect, and you've discovered humility?

    I do not believe it. The impending update will basically be, "You guys have to understand where we're coming from and how we value different things in the game with different priorities to you, and why that means we can't let you have what you want, because you guys are children who don't really know what's good for you. But here's some new content and yet another empty promise to be more open and transparent (HAH!) that we hope will distract you! Look, shinies!"

      Yeah, they did the "big steps" nonsense last time around and just kept dropping vaguely positive PR while tiptoeing around the issues.

      They even tried blaming the players a couple of times and I will never forget Deej asking us to ignore everything Bungie had said in the past, but beleive everything they were saying from that point.
      (To be fair he does seem bound to the same info we get)

    I'm really enjoying Destiny 2 on PC with friends. Coming from only having played through the vanilla campaign of the first a lot of the systems still feel fresh and exciting for us.

    Sure, I wish there was a bit more to do at endgame right now but what MMO-style game doesn't have that feeling? Particularly one at launch. There are plenty of other games to play in the meantime while they add more content, it's not like they charge a subscription fee.

      I think the difference is you aren't expected to pay for post launch content for an MMO within the first few months of the game being out, usually you get a few content patches.

      I thought the subscription fee was meant to now be covered by the loot boxes so I don't really see why having no subscription fee would excuse them.

    So ALL of their efforts are going into a blog post? No way they could run the stream and write a blog post?
    Response to a lack of communication... cancel stream, write blog - that seems effective.
    Why not just address some of the information in the stream if you are really about being more open and transparent?

      1) Has to be carefully-crafted and run past everyone who might be impacted by promises.

      2) They don't want interactivity. When complaint volumes are high and you try to engage in an interactive discussion about anything else, you know it's going to be hijacked.

      3) They don't actually care about being more open and transparent, they care about calming complainers down enough for the typical gamer 'goldfish memory' to do the work for them.

      have you tried selling your product to a group of people that want to skewer you?

      the hate will get fanned, and whatever good news in that stream would be drowned in salt and hate.

    I'm loving destiny 2, dont get why there is so much hate towards it. I only get the chance to play a few hours a week but there is always plenty to do. I can see how gamers with more time would run out of content but if they have that much time they shouldn't expect that one game can meet their needs. I am getting my $100 worth of entertainment from this game and then some..

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      These sorts of games tend to be very end-game focused for a lot of players. You get fun out of what you're playing and that's great but it's selling itself to both audiences and only pleasing one. Think of it like a game with a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode. You're having fun with the campaign while people who brought it for the multiplayer aren't having fun at all.

    I find Destiny 2 pretty good for people that work. Can go home and still catch up to all the hardcore players. But I guess, that is the problem. The hardcore players will never get further from us regardless of how much they play. Wahahahahaha... if I was a uni student right now I would hate the very person I am now, where I can casually just get the same gear/light level as those that put countless of hours into it by simply running a few milestones to get my powerful gear quota and then possibly raid for only 1 to 2 hrs.

    Destiny 2 is my only PC purchase this year which I regret.

    The game feels absolutely soulless.

    It reminds me of Halo CE, except with none of the charm.

    I loved the game for the first few weeks but it got old real quick. Its just way to similar to d1 for me. Once you do the missions/raids etc whats the point? They removed things like different rolls on guns which would atleast give you somthing to hunt for. The legendary gear is mostly trash and so much recycled from d1.

    I thought D2 was great when it first came out (on PC) and played the crap out of it for a few weeks. But now.... I've done pretty much everything there is for anyone who doesn't want to raid - several times over - and am pretty much done with it. I can't convince myself to log in right now.

    Did I get my money's worth? Maybe. But for someone who sank hundreds of hours into Warframe without getting particularly tired of it, I can't help but feel disappointed. I guess I can thank D2 for freeing me of Warframe's grasp though - I can go play something else for a while before I inevitably get sucked back into it.

      + 1 for Warframe.

      D2 is a good game, but there is something about Warframe (which I've been playing for years) that always draws me back!

        I logged in this week to find a 4 year emblem waiting for me.

        Love that game!

    As a Day 1 D1 player that logged over 1000 hours over the first game's lifetime, the thing that annoys me the most is that they took all of the good changes they made by the end of D1 and got rid of them in D2.

    Weapons: The majority of the weapons in game are just boring. Exotics from D1 and Raid Legendaries were memorable guns that were a blast to use. Nothing in D2 stands out as overly amazing to me.

    Different rolls on weapons: this was one way to chase thaty god-tier weapon for so long. Now all weapons are exactly the same. Once you've got it, that's it. It will never be any better or worse.

    Crucible: While Crucible has become a much more team-focused affair, it's lost a lot of the fun that came with being more chaotic in D1. 6v6 always had an element of mayhem to it. 4v4 undoes that. So if you aren't in a team that has voice chat going, you're fucked. ANd worst of all, they've watered it all down to cater to casual players. You useed to be able to choose what game mode you wanted to play: Control, Clash, Rumble, Rift, Zone Control. Now it's just whatever you're thrown into whenever you select one of the only two options available.

    Raid rewards: Each time you finished a section of a raid, you were rewarded with a piece of gear (or ascendent shards etc.) that usually could only be earned from that one section. What's with the bullshit of giving out fucking tokens to redeem at yet another vendor? The loot pool is larger in this instance because you can be given one of a dozen things for trading your tokens in. If you want a chance at something more, you gotta go get the chests and use your keys in the underbelly. It's just bad.

      +1 on the Exotics and weapon variety. I never played D1 on account of not owning a PS4... but in D2 they all seem so underwhelming.

      I got Nameless Midnight right after completing the campaign and used it like crazy before deciding to chase the Mida Multi Tool. When I got it I was so disappointed I stashed it in my vault for a week or so before fusing it into Nameless Midnight. Similarly, I got Sturm last week ... used it once and went "wow this thing sounds and looks cool but my god does it suck" ... and immediately fused it into the Better Devils I got not long after I got Nameless Midnight. A similar story is playing out in my energy and power weapon slots...

      Yeah. Getting rid of weapon and gear levelling sucked. And the token system is poo.

    This game just feels like it has no depth. It is so casual friendly it isn't funny, for hardcore players I'll describe the situation at endgame 305 light level with over 60 raid clears. Duplicate gear items occur way too often and this isn't a loot system failure this is a lack of variety in the loot every time I hear a gun name I recognise it because I have used it extensively. In the end game I get raid clears in just over half an hour because it isn't hard enough, I don't see meaning in the milestones because they give away powerful gear for no effort meaning casual players get up to max way too easily. So for a hardcore player we have inexperienced players trying to raid and because it is so intensive on mechanics the hardcore players end up wanting to scratch out their own eyes and just get so frustrated with bad players since the raid isn't hard anymore. The subclass system was barely a system, in the first game it took time to complete your subclass and you felt proud when it was done, now you just swap it like it's nothing and feel no hesitation to delete a character to complete the short story which can't be reaccessed once completed like destiny 1 and Ikora's system is just aweful and not fun. (lack of guardians approaching her is the clue). Recently my biggest peeve in the last 2 weeks with 30 clears of the raid was the glitchy errors of invisible characters, orbs that wouldn't pick up in the gauntlet, wipes on Calus due to failed barriers in shadow which you just pass straight through instead of stopping. This game feels glitchy and like a downright sloppy job with very little effort put into the depth and the care. Destiny 1 had balancing issues but you also cared about your guardian and felt hesitation before deleting, getting every exotic in the game felt impossible in D1 and now in D2 I have done it within the first 6 weeks of release. I hate to rant but honestly what happened to the absolute gem of a game that was destiny?

    The entire time I spend playing Destiny 2, all I could think about was how I could be getting the same gameplay but with far better characters, story, dialog, progression, and general enjoyment out of playing Borderlands.

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