Community Review: Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris

Community Review: Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris
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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris has been out for a little while now and it looks like a lot of people aren’t happy with the direction Bungie is taking the series.

What’s your take? Shooters aren’t really my jam. I’m terrible at them and I don’t feel ashamed to admit it. Destiny has always intrigued me because I do enjoy the general flow of the game. I had been waiting for the PC release of Destiny 2 and the first DLC to drop before making up my mind on playing it.

Now that I’ve seen the backlash against the decisions Bungie has made with this game, I might wait a little bit longer.

Bungie make good shooters. Even someone like me can appreciate that. However, does the studio’s prestige overcome the apparent flaws of the game? Did the expansion add or subtract from the overall game experience for you?

Are you enjoying yourself or have you decided to put it aside until things change?


  • OP Laser Deathfest 2K17 was pretty fun. Made me miss Mayhem Mode a lot. Story was way too short, and seemed ultimately pointless, given the way it wrapped with no follow on repercussions to the main universe. The much hyped Infinite Forest is incredibly boring and a waste of time, in the couple of strikes it appears, you can basically just sprint through it without having to kill anything, and it doesn’t show for patrols or exploration which seems stupid. Half the exotics are boring rehashes of D1 content, though, the Spider Grenade launcher is pretty funny. Overall I give it a 6/10, it’s pretty lacklustre, and the best part was because of a bug that’ll be patched out anyway.

  • The Curse of The Prometheus Lens!!!! Man, the Crucible is chock to the gills of hacks using the Lens to get cheap kills. I refuse to do so, as I will not sully my good name by lowering to the unskilled cheapshot.

  • Reddit is slowly boiling over with salty frothiness and I kind of agree with most of what is being said. Tess Everis needs to be sent away for a very long time, her role is growing in this game and I find it really depressing. The token system is fucked, give us immediate loot! We need better control over the vault (and more slots). They need to employ award-winning writers and stop the totally cringe-worthy dialogue. The campaign was way too easy — Who was that Osiris bloke again and someone tell Ikora to lighten the fuck up! The Infinite Forest was under-utilised and needs to be part of the patrollable area. But on a positive note, we need more raid lairs with great boss encounters like this one!

    I’m kind of over Destiny 2 (it’s taken me a while) I’m just going to sit this out until next year and see if Bungo and their evil overlords Activision sort this whole mess out.

  • The story is too short. As someone who is more of a PvE player spending $30 on a dlc with stuff all story that felt meh is very disappointing. All i can hope for is they listen to the backlash and improve before the next dlc.

  • Ultimately, it’s a let down. Considering you have to pay for this additional content, what you really get are some cut scenes with Osiris, one new location which gets re-used over and over and a chapter in the story which makes no sense and seems like inconsequential waffle.

    I was annoyed the first time they sent me off to one of the old locations for some fetch quest. I was pissed when they did it again. I paid so I could to backtrack over content I’ve already paid for?? What?

    The infinite forest is a mind numbing exercise is repetition. You just jump through the same sequence of gates a half a dozen times.

    But the one that takes the cake for me is why. Why do all this crap? Because the Vex are somehow simulating a reality where they’ve ruined the world? So what? How the hell does that translate to actual reality? Why would stopping a Vex super being (or maybe, a simulation of the super being) do anything meaningful???

    Other than that, the location of Mercury is nicely designed, with detail touches. The forest is interesting visually sometimes.

    But overall…. meh.

    I do actually like the updates that came from the patch notes though. and they’re free!

    • I was going to ignore your comment.. But this really needs to be said – since you’re not the first person to question it.

      The Vex built a simulation that can determine outcomes, right? So they’ve found an outcome that results in the Vex dominating the galaxy. So what can they do with this information?
      They can follow it back and perform the actions that led them to that outcome.

      TL;DR – The Vex could easily follow the actions of the outcome and become Galactic Overlords.

      • But the Vex would already have that information right? They’ve run the sim, they know how to get from start to finish. Killing Panoptes does…. something? Stopping the sim does… something else?

        I dunno. just seems to bot make sense to me

        • If I remember my lore correctly, the Vex are an AI hivemind. So my guess is that Osiris had spotted the simulation branch, and Panoptes hadn’t yet, so the remainder of the Vex haven’t discovered it yet.

  • Destiny 2 Looks great. And that’s about all its great at. So sad. I loved Destiny 1 but they have made too many bad dissensions for Destiny 2. I have moved onto other games and doubt ill be back. Monster Hunter world is what I’m hyped for.

    • I thought the game played great as well, its just that they hobble you so badly that the frustration becomes too much.

      They’ve created a drag race, let you have a few uninterrupted runs, then put speed humps every 20 meters.

    • All the articulate points have been made.
      I am so sad I bought the limited edition with season pass.
      I was a big Destiny 1 fan. Vanilla with expansions, took a break, back for Rise of Iron.
      D2? Nahhhhhhhhhhhh. Poo.

  • feels like it should have been a free addition to the game not an expansion costing near $30, mercury is small, infinite forest is infinitely boring and repetitive, not only that but they have screwed over anyone who didn’t want to pay for the expansion by increasing level requirements for end game content

    • So by adding Dlc, They have taken apart off the basegame away from non Dlc buyers? Wow that’s some abhorrent bullshit. This is why “Games as a service” Can fk off.

  • Bungie should have, and desperately needs to move to the same release style as WoW. I fully understand the reasoning behind why they released Destiny 2 separate from Destiny 1. Trying to bring people back and start a fresh slate and remove any doubt that was cast from vanilla destiny 1.

    But this decision coupled with horrendous quality of life rollbacks, poor weapon variety, boring story and dare I say it Eververse micro-transactions, has killed any hope of Destiny 2 evolving beyond the position Destiny 1 finished on.

    The idea of a sequel is to continue on and improve the current state of a game. Destiny 2 has done none of this. I have found the DLC a boring chore to complete as I’m desperate to be in the know about the lore, yet the lazy decision to base the entire DLC on a goose chase just made me yell out “thank god it’s over” when I finished. I will not be returning to Destiny 2 until some serious changes have been made across the board.

    The paywalls and money hungry decisions in this game are beyond a kick in the ass. I wasn’t affected by the lock out of content because I was naive enough to believe Destiny 2 would continue on the success of Destiny 1 and I bought the season pass, but I can fully understand the outrage it has caused. Sometimes I believe these game developers don’t actually play the game they create because I can’t imagine accepting the decision to lock over 50% of new items behind micro-transactions while the other 50% of content is just re-skinned weapons with the exact same stats.

    The only good thing I can say about the DLC or Destiny 2 for that matter is the environment and look of the game. Destiny has the most beautiful sky boxes and environments, however, filling these beautiful worlds with lacklustre content doesn’t engage me whatsoever.

    Bungie desperately wants Destiny to be an MMORPG, yet it fails in every way to flesh out a game that is addictive, inclusive, story driven, challenging and MOST importantly, fun.

    3/10 Activision is killing Destiny.

    • I dont think its Activision per say but Bungie.

      Technically they make great shooters, content wise theyare terrible.

      Activision will put pressure on them to do better… but at the end of the day, Bungie is a game engine studio and Activision will probably dump the content creation on Blizzard (who has 13 years of MMORPG, Looters and more recently shooters)

      • Do they really need to do better? If Sony is going to cough up piles of cash for content exclusivity they don’t really need to worry about keeping the lights on in the office.

      • yeah i really dont know, because bungie’s earlier games: marathon trilogy, Pathways into Darkness, Myth 1 and 2, Oni were fucking fantastic with story and gameplay and except for oni also had massive mod support

        Meanwhile i never really felt anything with the story and lore for Destiny 2 ( for the record i have not played Destiny 1) however the voice acting and gunplay is fantastic (i wish Failsafe and her evil twin, Failsafe were real)

        • That said, my understanding is that no-one who would’ve been responsible for the best parts of those classics is still there.

          • The last couple years are kind of indicating that Bungie’s past glory was probably despite Jason Jones, rather than because of. A developer and project manager who by the point of Destiny 1 had the unfounded arrogance to fire all the writers and assume that he and a panel of designers and engineers (the Iron Bar? Seriously?) could do a better story… then producing a work that was critically panned for it’s fucking awful story; a singularly spectacular failing that was universally acknowledged as the review-kiling pillar that cost their studio’s staff a couple million dollars in metacritic score bonuses.

            Jones needed (needs?) to wake the fuck up and accept where his talents are… and where they demonstrably aren’t. I find it incredibly difficult to pay much mind to what his rim-jobbing wiki entries say about his story-writing chops pre-Halo. Those entries are so glowing and so suspiciously devoid of mentioning his Destiny-related PR clusterfucks that they reek of narrative-hijacking edits.

          • yeah the only reason why i knew he was still incharge was because i saw write up about what happened with destiny’s story. infact i think it was here and it mentioned how the traveller would be revealed to the bad guy or something and then we rebel, but it was completely shot down by Jones and other higher ups and remade into what destiny 1 story was in like half a year from release.

            Im guessing the success of Halo must of gone to his head

  • Man, reading these comments makes me feel validated in not giving bungie my money.

    I played Destiny 1 and got every expansion up to but not including the Rise of Iron. I enjoyed my time to a certain extent, but I came to feel that Destiny is actually quite shallow. Bungie’s trick is somehow successfully convincing people that it isn’t going to be another shallow experience over and over again.

    • Yup. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
      I still cannot fathom why I dropped cash for the Limited Edition with Season Pass. It is D1 all over again…but even worse?

  • As much as I loved D1, I’m so glad I jumped ship when they tried to charge me $70 for The Taken King DLC. Get. Stuffed.

      • Yep, it looked great. But $70 is the price for a whole game, not a DLC. Their money grabbing lost me and quite frankly, I will never buy another Bungie game (unless they change their ways drastically).

    • I am at the same spot but thinking about paying that (i expect) $24 now for the complete D1 and have everything available to play. That would bring me to ~$100 total for D1. No fears of being locked out of content just how long until the servers are turned off.

  • Prometheus Lens for everyone has been hilarious.

    The expansion and the hdr not working on ps4pro has been a bit of let down though

  • ultimately the DLC is meh. the story was iffy if not too short. Mercury is uninspiring (I mean seriously you basically get a round circle with one public event) and the infinite forest is a missed opportunity in light of having played Diablo 3 and its rift system

    I even question why you need to level 25 other then “ooo bright engrams for free”. I mean normally you level up and get new abilities and an increase in power allowing you to have an easier time doing some hard stuff … instead in Destiny 2 they increased both the character level and the light level and on top of that they jacked up the old raid / nightfall / prestige content requirement

  • I was so obsessed that I paid for and enjoyed the first 3 expansions for d1. Taken king was pretty great but after I had too many troubles finding raid teams I gave up.
    Really enjoyed d2 for a couple weeks but have not been compelled to buy this dlc one iota. I can’t see how they’ve basically made the same game yet taken so many steps back from what they built in the first one.
    Oh well. Plenty of games to play.

    • This is where I’m at. The upcoming ‘Dec 12th patch’ (probably landing early in the morning tomorrow for us) appears to do more to change up the game than the expansion has, so I’m curious about whether that gives the game a bit more entertainment value per hour than it currently does.

      I’d been ignoring my copy for several weeks after reaching 275 and hitting a weekly-milestone-gated wall that I simply don’t have the patience for. The nightfall group finder is useless bullshit, which means turning to non-responsive 3rd party sites for a group that only really want to schedule well in advance and half the fucking time wanted me to join their fucking clan first (abandoning my small family/friends clan) which turned me off so much that I’ve just given up on ever running anything mildly challenging outside of every other weekend when my brother and friend get online.

      I patched the game on Sunday to try out their first batch of game-changing updates, and all I can say is that Persona 5 took a lot less time to download than I thought it would, and only an hour in, I’m hooked.

      • Yeh, now that’s a game I’d be devouring if I had a ps4. I was just saying to my brother yesterday that it was a silly move not putting matchmaking in. One time I spent close to 9 (!) hours raiding only to make it up to Calus. This was because ppl lied about knowing what to do. This basically is no different from joining absolute randoms. I’ve got no problem with ppl who need teaching, of course other people’s mileage may vary. Sigh.
        Anyway, I’ve got odyssey and now champions ballad to smash out, I’m not wanting for quality games right now. I think Bungie may have used up the last of their goodwill here, but maybe these masterwork guns will give me some reason to log on.

  • Already bored with coo. Punched our way through the expansion missions (other than the bosses we literally couldn’t reach) because it was the only way to keep it mildly amusing. Next to no new content, should have been a patch rather than an expansion. No one else online in my clan anymore, removal of vanilla feature access for people without expansion – 3/10, wouldn’t punch again.

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