Dubai Store Selling Gold Xbox Ones And PS4s For Just $US13,700 Each

Dubai Store Selling Gold Xbox Ones And PS4s For Just $US13,700 Each

Black and white are so passé. The new hotness is $US13,700 gold Xbox Ones and PS4s, now for sale in Dubai.

Yep, these are actually real items that are currently for sale in the most ridiculous country on earth. Here’s the Xbox One:

If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these gold consoles, and you have a spare $US13,000 to spend on A GOLD VIDEO GAME CONSOLE, just head on over to Jumbo Electronics in Dubai. If you can’t afford that, you’ll have to go with the $US10,000 gold Xbox instead, like a dirty peasant.


  • How does Dubai not understand you’re still a peasant if you play console games.

    They look pretty cool though.

    • Rich people don’t build and tinker with computers, they’re too busy being rich enough to have household items made out of gold :p.

      • I suppose there’s a good chance this sits in the loungeroom for status reasons.

        but it still can’t game on an 8k screen so it’s plebian.

        for the same price you could get a quad-Titan black dual xeon machine. The gold plating might drive it a bit over $13k though.

        • And that wouldn’t even be able to game at 8K either…. Gaming at 4K is hard enough. Dual Titan Z’s will hardly be able to handle 4K uness you turn down a few settings. Things like AA and AO settings.

          • um. 4k Gaming BF4 on ultra using SLI/crossfire R9 290X or GTX 780 is possible.

            hardwarecanucks for example get 47.21fps average using 2 GTX 780’s.. look for their review on the R9 295X2 and it has the benchmarks for 4k.

            Granted 8K is exponentially more difficult, but I didn’t quantify that the 8k gaming had to be the most recent games running on Ultra. (especially since most 8K TV’s have low frequencies themselves)

            edit: disregard previous edit note.

          • 47.21 fps…………..
            Not at all worth it for the money you have to spend on the hardware to get those frames…. And on 8K with that hardware, what…. 20 frames?? 4K isn’t worth it until it becomes standardised like 1080p did. There is no way I would spend that much money to get such crappy frame rates.

          • fine. pony up for a single R9 295×2 and get 80FPS average. (see tomshardware benchmarks) with that you’re still a few grand less than a single Titan Z. 4K is here, and it can be done with a rig that costs less than $3k (not including monitor)

            I’m saying it’s possible, not that it’s fiscally responsible.

          • Oh I agree! Very possible and very do-able. However, I just don’t think it is anywhere near worth it yet. However, once you invest in it, and can do it, then you are already there, if you know what I mean. Kind of the same reason I bought my PS4 on day one. Whilst people criticise console launch buyers, I know that with the onslaught of games being released between now & Christmas that I don’t have to have that extra $500 for the console anymore.

            Regarding PC gaming, I run two 4GB 770’s in SLI and am very happy pulling 90-100 fps in BF4 with everything on ultra @ 1080p. Unless I was going (for a monitor) upwards of 30 inches, I wouldn’t bother with 4K, at least until I’m not paying out the ass for the monitor, on top of the GPU’s etc. In two years time, I will probably have a 4K set up, and I’m sure many more will too.

          • @cardinal7477

            we’ve reached the comment reply limit. Your rig sounds like it’d handle 2k easily too. Which I personally think is the sweet spot with the much faster response times from the monitors vs 4k.

            My old 9800 machine just kicked the bucket so I’ve been researching very heavily what my next build will be. I’m starting from scratch.. so thanks to the new Haswell-E chips and Nvidia on the verge of releasing the GTX 980 I’ll be lucky to get out under $2500 :/ I’ve priced up a very similar performing X79 based machine and it’s about a grand cheaper.

            that DDR4 though.

    • It’s not just that they’re gold painted, but the etching on the surface evokes gold bullion. If that was the intent, I’m gagging. I’ve no problem with the extremely rich but buying this shit as a glorified status symbol and making it look like bricks of actual gold is gross.

  • I suprised that didn’t do a chrome version of them

    They always make their supercars chrome for some silly reason

    • That’s like me and all my super cars on GTA V for some reason. Sure it looks dumb, but in an alluring kind of way…

  • It’s a deal! It’s a steal! It’s the sale of a fuckin’ century! In fact, fuckin’ ‘eck, I think I’ll get it

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