Xbox’s Black Friday Sale Has Begun

Xbox’s Black Friday Sale Has Begun
Image: Microsoft

With Black Friday fast approaching, the pre-Christmas sales are ramping up. Microsoft have unleashed their Black Friday specials early this year for Xbox Live Gold users.

If you’ve got Xbox Live Gold, you can access the Xbox Black Friday sale right now to save ridiculous amounts on a wide range of Xbox One games. Even new releases like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Destiny 2 have received steep discounts.

To make life easier, Microsoft have also introduced a special to let people buy a month of Xbox Live Gold for only $1.

Enough prattling. Let’s take a look at some of the sale’s highlights.


There’s more. There’s a lot more and you can see the full list of specials over on the official Xbox site.


    • Do it, it is a good game overall. Don’t focus on the bad aspects you’ve heard and be open to the good stuff and you will enjoy yourself.
      If you liked the original mass effects for the teammates and their interactions/banter (with you or between each other) you should like this, there is so much (not all is fantastic, but because there is A LOT you will hear lots of funny/interesting things from them).
      Other big positive is the combat, by far the best for ME, and really close to the top for me personally of any 3rd person shooter.
      Keep your mind open on the characters too, i though i would hate most of them from what i saw before release but i ended up liking basically all of them quite a lot

        • Well then don’t get this. Get the originals, you can get all 3 for like $12 on key sites (the good ones not the scammy ones). Then go on Nexus mods and get the graphics overhaul mod for each game (very easy installs). They are fantastic, still my top game series ever.

    • Sorry, replying again (editing my comments lately seems to be not working for some reason).

      Also there is a lot of stuff to do and there are quite a few that really are ‘fetch’ quests. Just do the missions that sound the coolest and you will still have quite a bit to do.
      There is one ‘fetch quest on Eos towards the end of being on that planet where you have to place some sensors. Do that, it sounds boring but will lead to cool stuff

        • They definitely improved them. They are definitely nopt as good as the other top games out, but they are still better than lots of games. I’d say look at an updated video on youtube to see (though they always seem to pick out the worst parts and forget to mention that the other 99% is just normal)

  • Possibly silly question but I have the physical disk for witcher 3, if i buy the digital season pass (not listed here, but part of their sale $17) will it work or do i need to have bought the digital edition of the base game?

  • Also thanks for the link to the deals, got tomb raider and mirrors edge 2 for $7.50 each and dragon age goty for $10!

    Fallout 4 goty for $50 is epic to anyone who doesn’t have it!

  • I noticed something weird with South Park, the $66 version said it comes with the First Game and a Demo of the Second Game where as the deluxe $100 version comes with the First Game, the Second Game, the Season Pass, some DLC and a Demo of the Second Game.

    Now I’m fairly sure it’s just a typo… But from what I understand if it is not, there are no Refunds on XBLive. I have a friend (Yeah it’s really not me, but this part isn’t important.) who tried to purchase a game through his X360 during a sale and instead of the game he ended up getting a theme for the price of the game. And he could neither get the Game or get a Refund. I have personally gotten a refund from Microsoft over a similar mistake and while it did take awhile on the phone, they where helping me every step of the way. I tried extending Gold through the X360 during a deal and instead of 12 months I purchased 12 months twice with only one purchase, the second one was a mistake which they reversed in two to three working days. I think I am more persistent than my friend who gave up at the first hurdle.

    But I do feel it’s worth mentioning. Also it’s probably fixed by now to make me look like an idiot.

    • A couple of times I’ve forgotten to cancel an xbox live subscription that i got as a deal/on sale. It ticked over and I got charged the full price again. However, I’ve been able to cancel and get a full refund from MS even a few days after the new subscription started.

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