Man In Pokémon Gear Charges White House Lawn, Gets Shut Down

Man In Pokémon Gear Charges White House Lawn, Gets Shut Down

Now here's something you don't see every day. According to multiple reporters who were on the scene, a man wearing a Pikachu hat and carrying a stuffed Pikachu jumped the White House fence today and ran across the lawn before being apprehended by Secret Service.

The White House was reportedly placed on temporary lockdown, presumably while the Secret Service made sure there weren't additional people wearing Snorlax or Bidoof outfits waiting as backup.

President Obama, meanwhile, wasn't even home — according to the AFP, he was out, attending a 9/11 memorial.

via HuffPo


    There's a time and a place for everything, but not now

    That SS with the Growlithe taught him wrong, Pokemon aren't meant to attack people.
    Maybe the guy made eye contact with Obama, which means he's legally obliged (in the Pokemon world) to battle him.

    Horrible timing, but funny.

    Wonder if they tasered him; then he could be electrified!

    Awww, I was hoping it was a Pikachu onesie...

    I'm fairly certain he just wanted to battle the White House Gym Leader - Brock Obama - I mean, who wouldn't?

    Too bad there wasn't any tall grass around the White House, they may have run into quite a few Rattata or Pidgeys.

    Then again...maybe the Rattata have already infested the White House...who knows...

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