Off Topic: What Would You Do With $2.5 Billion?

Late last night the news came in that Microsoft had decided to purchase Minecraft for an insane $2.5 billion. So today's Off Topic is simple: someone gives you $2.5 Billion. What would you do with it?

At first I thought, "let's provide clean water for everyone in the world" but apparently that would cost $10 billion. Anyone want to pool in their money?


Okay, let's just spend it all on stupid stuff. I'm going to build a house with no stairs and you have to scale a climbing wall to get to your bedroom. I'm also going to try and revive Michael Jackson via the powers of wizardry or science, whichever is cheapest.

What would you spend the cash on?


    puppies. lifetime supply of puppies.

      I'd buy North Korea and declare myself God... then you can have lifetime supply of worshipping slaves

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        Hence the skiing pic and not the swimming one :P i thought this through :D

    Walk in slow motion to hip hop music, as dollar bills fall around me like rain.

    2 chicks at the same time.

      Chickens are really quite cheap, even the best quality ones

        Yeah, but I once had a landlord still try to charge me 20 bucks each for 2 dead chicks.

        Plus extra for the gas.

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      Yeah, with $2.5 billion I reckon I could hook that up.

    Follow my dreams!
    realistically i would buy a Mcdonalds for my house like richie rich and play doodle jump most days.

    The Miami Heat, an Aston Martin and a house with NBN...

      We all know that no amount of money will make one of those a reality.

    Build my own personal pinball parlour. And/or arcade.

    I'd build a house with a secret basement with a cinema in it, only accessible via a hidden doorway. It would also have a recording studio in it. Then I'd probably just become a hermit.

    Jesus Christ. No one could possibly want or need that kind of money. I'd keep a million for myself, and give away the other 2.49 billion to the clean water cause.

    Whenever I fantasise about having lots of money, the best feelings would be giving it away to family and friends and helping them out. Nothing else really comes to mind, just living in Australia means I have pretty much anything a person could reasonably want.

    Also a solid gold house and a rocket car.

      I feel like liver and onions

        Chuck in some bacon and sauerkraut and you got yourself a date.

    I'd buy a new upper-midrange graphics card

    If I have money left over after that, I'd build my own Hobbiton

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    Help fix issues within Australia (including indigenous) towns by starting a fund/company. we'll travel around Australia helping all that we can to allow them to live the life that they wish to. Pay for students to go to school from Kindy through to Uni and help speed up the NBN for areas that needed more than Metro areas. Show the current Australian government parties HOW to do things the right way for more than Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne cities. There are a lot of other places in Australia. Just a thought

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    Just about whatever I wanted. I could build or buy somewhere nice to live in just about whatever city I wanted. I wouldn't need to work, so I could travel the world on a whim. But that's a boring answer, not really what you wanted. Ok here goes:

    I'd fund development of a dream game. The details are fairly fluid, it doesn't even have to be my dream game - maybe I get Retro Studios and Nintendo to make a new 2d Metroid game, maybe From Software to make a Demon's Souls 2, maybe gather up the old members of Rare to make Banjo-Threeie. Once the game's done, I'd get a single copy printed for myself and never release it.

    I would fully fund Yu Suzuki/AM2 in the production of Shenmue 3.

    I would invest $100 million in a bank account, live off the interest from that. I'd use the rest to buy my own island along the transatlantic fibre cable, splice myself in and spend the rest of the money on blackjack and hookers.

    Duh -

    Judging by how much money I found when I cleaned my desk last week I'm going to say put it under something and forget about it. =P

    Buy Mojang from Microsoft for $2.5bn

    down payment in an inner city apartment.......

    If we're not focussing on the important stuff like actually helping the needy and such, then I'd probably invest 99% of the cash into supporting and building the Australian games industry, offering grants for start-up indies and promoting local talent as much as possible.

    Then I'd probably build a nice house near a beach somewhere and chill for a while.

    I'd buy wagga, invest the money in infrastructure development, turn the place into a technological hub and give businesses & research outfits significant incentives to base their operations here. The place would be transformed from a shithole into somewhere worth living and where there are actually jobs.

    For all of 6 months and then the usual shit will happen, people will get distracted by the new shiny thing, every advance will fail from lack of support and the town will collapse back into the singularity of mediocrity it is now.

    Then I'd use whatever money I had left to forcibly convert the place into looking 8 bit, just for my amusement. Good luck riding the bus when the wheels are made up of giant pixels you fickle dicks!

    You don't really realise how much money $2.5b is until you realise you could use a million dollars every year until you died, and barely made a dent. Which sounds like a good plan - give maybe $2.35b to charity, and live comfortably off a $1m salary for the rest of my life, with plenty left over for loved ones I leave behind.

    Build a super villain hideout on some offshore volcanic island of course.

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