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      *puts sausage casserole leftovers in the microwave*

      I've been waiting all day for permission. Thank you, Jane. Thank you. :')

      Im getting a sausage roll and going to watch community with the lady friend with the aircon on. I wish i didnt have to go back to work after.

        I have sausage rolls too! Think I may have to have some now you've mentioned it!

    Page 3 repost.

    I'm going to be in Melbourne this weekend with nothing to do. Freya is doing a work training thing on Saturday and Sunday. Board games should happen. Just need someone to volunteer a place for board gaming to happen.

    I can bring pretty much anything in my collection that people want to play too.

    EDIT: Worth mentioning that Saturday is better than Sunday because we're going to have to head straight home as soon as her course finishes. You know, 10 hour drive and all that.

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      @greenius can host. He'll be in Perth, so won't mind you traipsing around his place.

        Perfect. Front door key is under the pot plant, I assume?

      Even though you know this, others may not :P I could host but I'm 40 minutes from the CBD. SO WOO. I could host in North Melbourne but it would involve me borrowing someone else's house while they're on holidays ;)

        Same issue here, we're 45 away, and I'd have to check tonight if there's anything on.

          Depending on where I am this weekend im between 30 to 45 minutes away from the city on the eastern side, if there are no plans already premade for me I should be able to drive to someones so long as its not crazily outta the way

    The Dota subreddit had a survey about matchmaking rating. There was a question at the end if you think you should have the rating that you have.

    Like everyone else, I said that I should have higher rating than I do.

    You see, I have an MMR of 2936. That's somewhere in the average range (I think it's meant to be 2500-3000 is average). Considering I started with a rating in the 2600 range, that's a pretty okay improvement.

    Here's the rub though. Your MMR only really ever goes up (or down) 25 points at a time. I've played on 29 ranked games with a winrate of 72%.

    I don't think that I'm that good but a winrate of 72% is just silly. Once I play more ranked games, I'm sure it will settle down.

    The weird bit is that I play significantly better in solo ranked games than in random team games with TAYbies. I think there's just some switch where I decide to take the game seriously that fails to turn on if CJ is in the game. It's the only explanation for the difference in my performances.

      Isn't it pretty much how it goes for new ranked players, you start lowish and work your way up? It would make sense with the 72% win rate as you know what you're doing (Based on what I hear anyway)

        Low tier supporting is pretty simple: ward, stack, gank. It's easy to make it seem like you know what you're doing when there isn't much to do.

        I was going to say that I tend to fill in whatever gaps the team needs but my four most played heroes are all supports and nearly 10% of all my games are on Ancient Apparition (if you exclude Ability Draft and All Random Death Match, it's probably more than 10%).

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          So far my LoL ranked style of play is pretty much the same as yours but with a large champion pool to compensate for all roles. I don't ever call my lane until it's my turn to actually pick in the order, and I can competently do every role now even jungling (My early game still needs work but I've gotten fairly better in jungle ganks). It's been serving me well so far, I'm in Silver II and I'm at 1/2 wins needed out of 3 games to get to Silver I. In low elos however, Leona support is just too strong, good thing I can play as her very well :)

            I can play quite a few heroes pretty well. It's just that I pick based on my team composition:

            We have a lot of early push/team fight? Shadow Shaman or Witch Doctor.
            They have great initiate? Disruptor.
            I have no idea what either team is trying to do? Fuck it, AA.

    two whole pages of TAY to catch up on? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO' THAT

    *goes off to do canadian things such as freeze to death*

      I assume you spend all day in Tim Horton's swooning over the nearest mountie while reminiscing about Due South.

      Isn't it going from -15 to 28 overnight over there at the moment?

        I've genuinely no clue. I believe it's just been one part of Canada but spontaneously got hit with september snow, but fall/winter is normally just a roll of the dice.

    Hi people. I bought a PS4. Friend me for Destiny and stuff.

    'shyaru' be me!

      Wait, are you leaving me all alone on PS3?


      Add me as I wont be able to get to the PS4 till the weekend


    I just got swooped (twice) by a Mynah bird. It made a clicky/rattle noise at it flew past my head.


    And that more or less sums up my day thus far. How are you all on this lovely spring day?

      *grabs popcorn*

        Not that sort of bird.

          *throws popcorn on ground, storms out and abuses box office person for refund.*

          *goes to lawyer office to sue on grounds of misinterpretation*

      Shit, there's always that one small animal that infuriates you to no end. I can confidently call a certain squirrel in my nearby park my goddamn nemesis, the way it chitters and THE FUCKSTICKS DID YOU THROW AN APPLE AT ME I WILL GODDAMN END YOU I WILL VIOLATE EVERY GODDAMN ARTICLE IN THE GENEVA CONVENTION SO YOU WILL DIE THE WORST DEATH

      Fucking Plovers are my mortal enemies. They even sound angry. They used to nest on the roof of the factory I worked in years ago and we spent our lunch breaks being abused and taunted by them.

      I have bunch of kookaburras nearby that routinely sit on my fence and laugh at me. :(


      "Hey, I'd never thought of that before. Let's get him next time, fellas!"

      I was swooped by one of them last summer and the blighter actually drew blood. Those things are vicious.

      Cool story, but we can improve it quite easily without any falsehood involved:

      "I just got attacked (twice) by a Dinosaur. It made a clicky/rattle noise as it went for my head."

    So, I went to OzComicCon yesterday and managed to rack up 29 streetpasses in one day... Now what do I do with them? :P

      Which one is you?

      Oh man, I've sullied TAY with a link to BuzzFeed. I miss @sughly.

    Thinking I should organise another Freeze meat but got it into my head no one would want to come unless I wait another month or two.

      I'm no good for meats atm :\ Too poor again. Some day.. some day..!!!

      Why not have a meat now and one in a month or two. Just to be safe.

      Oktoberfest is only *trails off* sleeps away!

        That's what I was thinking.

          Here's hoping I can learn all the words to 99 Luftballons by then!

            I got this.

            Hot outside aside from me, singing and shine and late for this, von 99 said luft balloons; you would sing well who'da thunk. Then, super lies with curdle links, singing and shine and late for this. Von 99 said luft baloons, dust for us from who was c***.

            That's close enough, right?

              Heiß draußen abgesehen von mir, Gesang und glänzen und zu spät für diese, von neunundneunzig die roten Luftballons; Sie würde gut singen wer hätte das gedacht. Dann, super liegt mit gerinnen Links, Gesang und Glanz und spät für diese. Von neunundneunzig Luftballons, sagte Rot, Staub für uns aus, die war fotze.

                What kind of English is that? Go back to Commieland with your Commanian language. If you want to sing here learn English, is it so hard?

                Fotze. Fotze bear? Wokka wokka wokka! :P

    Oh man only a month and a half til PAX!

      North. It's a thing.

        Is not.

          Your face is not! Take that, Gooky!

            That's why I try to tell them but they keep telling me otherwise ;_;

        PAX North is a filthy lie. :(

          Or is it your prejudice against it that's the filthy truth?

          It never happened despite his protestations to the contrary.

            It happened. You guys saw a movie. You hated it. You won't shut up about it. It left an impression.

            You're welcome.

      fuck i havent booked time off work or flights.
      TO WEBJET!!!

        I can't book my flight til at least the 31st but I haven't booked my accommodation yet either >_>

        I tried approaching the other guys about it but the only response I got was one person who already booked theirs pointing out how he had already sorted himself out. Even though the comment wasn't directed at him at all.

      Ahhh! And I still haven't washed my costume because I've been too scared!

      Maybe I just shouldn't :P

        The sooner you wash it the more time you have to fix it if something goes wrong!

    Afternoon all, hope you're all travelling swell like.

    This time last week I was aboard a train of hype, laden with NOS and jet engines for Destiny. Now the train is chugging along steadily with a small coal supply, is this how I'm supposed to feel a week after a 10 year game?

      Hey, it's that guy from the blog! I've refreshed every ten minutes since you posted it and can't find any updates. What you been doing? EXERCISING?

    It looks like my plans to do a barista course will have to be shelved for a little while. I just got my power bill, so I'll have to pay that first. :(

      The path to Baristahood ain't an easy one! If it was easy, we'd all be baristas! I believe in you, friend!

    I finished my lunch but I'm still hungry. But I have (non-freezer :P) donuts I might heat up and I might also make up some custard in the microwave with custard powder. Dessert is a lunch thing, right?

      Yes, it's got the DC foundation stamp of approval!

      My lawyers tell me I have to tell you I'm not affiliated with the heart foundation.

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        You should diet is approved by you and I've outlived almost everyone in TAY already! :P

          Pretty sure you've outlived virtually everything in the universe by this point!

          (I almost missed this one. Never could have forgiven myself if I'd squandered an opportunity to remind you of how pitifully quick the degradation of energy in the universe is compared to your near infinite lifespan.)

          [I sometimes worry that this joke might be getting stale, but then I remember that your memory's grown feeble by this point, so you hopefully can't remember anytime I've made these "jokes" before.]

      Wendy's here have started serving fresh hot cinnamon donuts topped with soft serve and chocolate sauce...

        Can't remember which franchise, but one of the doughnut places is selling "Bronuts"...

          I walked past one yesterday and saw that out of the corner of my eye. Doesn't at all sound tasty!

      I love my new routine of my daughter bringing her brother home from school, while I take him to school(it used to be the other way around). It's the exact time I used to have to leave right now but instead of walking up to the school, I'm sitting down eating donuts and custard. :D

    TAY RPG 40K Rogue Trader tomorrow night at 8pm AEST.

    @freezespreston @rize @tech_knight @pupp3tmast3r @sernobulus @f4ction

    Battered and bruised, you have recovered the energy source from the crashed Ork ship and you can head back to Hive Nadir.

      Sorry I can't hear you, I'm currently passed out from all the heavy fire damage I took :P

        Oh yeeeaaah...


          Oh well, if this keeps up I'll just roll another character... maybe a Mekboy! >:D

            Weirdboy or bust!

              I would want to be an ork for a bit longer than that! :P

              A weirdboy approaches you and wishes to join your group.

              Techie: Oi! ... *head explodes*

            Fate Points!

              I didn't need this flesh anyway, I'll replace it next chance I get as it's now cooked very well done. :)

                Can we eat it?

                  If by sitcom style shenanigans, more like "How long will it take for Freeze to flip out and eat everyone?"

                  I could have made you a Genestealer hybrid but that's tricky enough as it is. Considering that there are no rules for playing as Tyranids whatsoever, I was more being lazy and disallowing it because it wouldn't have fit in with what everyone else was doing.

    So I just bought wild boar, goat and a crocodile leg from an amazing new butcher specialising in game. :D :D :D

      Crocodile tastes like a cross between chicken and duck. It is super tasty.

      Now I want crocodile burgers dang it.

      Goat curry is awesome, as is boar bacon. I've never tried crocodile before, though.

        Goat curry is the only way i have seen people eat goats.

          Because cooked any other way but slowly it's not really the best meat. Amazing for slow cooked stews,curries or casseroles but terrible anything else.

        Goat curry is just the best.

        Crocodile is a very mild favour that gets overtaken by whatever you serve it with. Only really good for skewers soaked in whatever sauce.

          Yeah, I'm going to make a goat casserole tonight with half, and then a goat curry at the weekend with the rest.

          Probably something fancier with the boar, maybe a ragu with chestnut polenta. I'll just barbecue the crocodile leg with a little salt and eat it as is to get the flavour for the first time.

          Thanks for the encouragement guys!

            That boar thing you're planning sounds drool-worthy!

      Goat Souvlaki (oh alright, call it a kebab then).

      No seriously, goat kebab with garlic sauce and fresh salad stuff in there. Absolutely...ugh.
      Damn me living in a place with a severe lack of goats.

        This sounds unbelievably good. @janexo you must do this so I can live vicariously through you guys!

          Haha, I think skewers are on the menu too! I bought 500 grams, so I might do a few little meals, rather than one big dish.

      Where is this butcher (you were brisbane right?). For science and totally not going to go spend a heap of money on meat that my wife won't eat.

          Awesome. I have a friend who lives out Sumner Park way so I can get there easily on the way home. Hooray!

            They've got good prices, too! The croc leg was less than three dollars, and 500 grams of boar/goat was about eight dollars.

        I know that the "Standard Market Co" I shop at (Gasworks Plaza, Newstead) has a fridge set aside for speciality games / meats. There's a Standard Market Co in Southport if you happen to be in the area. They might be able to hook you up.

          I can get to Gasworks quite easily so I should check this place out.

            They're a fantastic shop, excellent quality everything. Seriously get down there and try some of their award winning sausages. How does venison and dark chocolate sausage grab you? It grabbed me and it was delicious.

              venison and dark chocolate sausage

              That's a combination of words I was not expecting to see. I am intrigued by this culinary conjunction.

        There used to be a bloke down here that specialised in similar, but by the looks of his website it's more just premium beef, pork & lamb now. Shame.

      Game as in, wild game?
      Like, they were hunted?
      Poor animals :'(

        These animals were bred for purpose.

        Sorry if you're a vegetarian! I got some nice veggies too!

        Last edited 15/09/14 2:33 pm

          Eww, I hate veggies :P
          I just don't like the idea of hunting :\
          Poor little animals, running around all free and happy, then BLAM they're dead.
          It's sad :'(

            Protip: If a cow is running, it's not happy. Same can probably be said of boars, pigs, sheep and etc.

              You know what I meant.
              I despise hunting.
              Like, I hate it, I hate hunters, I want every poacher wiped off the face of the earth.
              So maybe don't joke about that with me.

              (I get that hunting isn't the worst thing ever, but I don't like the idea of killing wild animals)

                Remember this guys last name. He's a planeteer! You can be one too!

                  I literally just said don't joke with me about it.
                  It's not a joking matter to me.
                  It makes my blood boil.
                  I've been trembling with anger since this conversation started.
                  That's how much I despise poachers, and how much I hate hunting.
                  It's inhuman (to me) to hunt and kill a wild creature.
                  I get that farming animals is still inhumane, but the difference is that that is their purpose, and I like to (naively) imagine that the animals at least had a good life, or that being killed was the most humane thing for them.

                  I'd be a vegetarian, but I don't like vegetables and I would starve without meat :\
                  It's a necessary evil for me.
                  But I will never eat game.

                But how am I supposed to alienate myself from my friends if I can't make inappropriate jokes? YOU'RE MAKING THINGS DIFFICULT FOR ME >:(

                I totally 100% agree with you. My mother went on a six-month tour through Africa last year, and she said one of the highlights was her little tour group stumbling upon a poacher's camp, calling the police and having them arrested.

            I guess their lives are much better than the ones bred just for eating, though....

        I have no issue with hunting, if it's for food purposes and done sustainably.

        Trophy hunting or wanton killing, however, I find incredibly distasteful.

          This. I'll eat anything (not a huge fan of kidneys though and tripe can fuck right off) but killing something for the sake of it? I don't get it*.

          *Spiders I fully understand and condone.

            Spiders aren't alive, they move because they're animated by dark, evil energies and hatred for the living.

            CANETOADS. Ugh. Murder every last one of them. I don't care how inhumane the murder is - just get rid of them ughhhhhh.

              Every time I come back to QLD I always make time to stomp the guts out of the nearest cane toad that I can find.


          But seriously, I agree with you.

          What if it's going hunting, but you're not going to eat it yourself?
          Still no issue?
          So, the person doing the hunting is purely doing it because they enjoy it.
          But hey, someone's going to eat it still, so it's fine, right?
          So, there is nothing wrong with someone hunting and killing an animal, for the soul purpose of fun (for them), so long as someone else eats the meat, who didn't have to get their hands dirty.
          That's what this is.
          That's what your fine with, right?
          Just so I'm clear.

            I don't have an issue with people enjoying hunting. It's sure not my thing, at all, and I have serious reservations about how it's regulated, but: Humans have been hunting since the dawn of time.

            I don't mind people hunting as part of a wildlife control strategy, or hunting for food. Again, it's not my cup of Earl Grey, but If people are going to hunt I'd infinitely prefer the animal to be used for a purpose. That includes meat, and I don't particularly care if they eat it themselves or sell it.

            What I object to is people hunting for sport, and people hunting in an unsustainable manner. You don't think that's reasonable?

              No, I don't think that's reasonable.
              Look at what's being hunted in this situation.
              Animals that have specific farms set up, for each, for the purpose of food.
              So, why hunt them when they don't need to be hunted?
              It's cruel, is what it is.
              Feigned freedom for an animal only to be shot down, for fun, under the guise of hunting for food when it's unnecessary.
              And you don't have a problem with that?

              The "dawn of time" argument is, at best, piss-weak. I think we've evolved a bit since then Red, don't you?

              If you're so desperate to eat a food that has to be hunted, at least have the guts to kill it yourself.
              How else would you appreciate the gravity of the situation?

              Anyway, I'm wiping my hands of this disgusting subject


                Here's the truth. We eat animals. Do I think hunting is the best way to get meat? No. Do I begrudge others doing it? Not really.

                To pick a specific example: I eat Kangaroo- lots of kangaroos are hunted. Sure, in an ideal world, we'd farm them, but we don't. Most Kangaroo meat is from population control efforts. This does not particularly bother me.

                As for the kill it yourself argument, that's really ancillary to this discussion. I've already stated I personally don't want to go hunting, but that's a taste thing, not a moral thing. I just don't see it as fundamentally wrong, as you appear to.

        Game as in the things we love!

        Delicious Yoshi meat.


          I breed Yoshis for the eggs. You can cook an entire fritatta from just one!

            The only thing that ever comes out of my Yoshi eggs are mushrooms :(

        The only thing stopping me from being a vegetarian is I currently don't prepare my own food. When that day comes, I'll be judging you meat eaters silently. Until then? Who wants burgers! :D

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          What happened to DeeCee's Cooking Adventures?!

            *adds Strange's name to the list*

              You can't silence me that easily.