There Are A Lot Of EBs Opening For The Destiny Midnight Launch

Australian retailers are clearly expecting big things from Destiny next week (probably rightly so). EB Games has just released the list of stores it'll be opening on Monday night in preparation for the launch and I can't remember ever seeing a list as large as this.

There are six major launches across the country, one of which EB is calling the 'Official Australian Launch for Destiny' at EB Liverpool in Sydney. That event kicks off at 9pm on the Monday and will feature a DJ and a live caricature artist who will be drawing folks faces onto Destiny themed characters.

Apparently there will also be cake. A big cake in the shape of a super-sized Sparrow. I know I should probably make a Portal related joke here, but I don't have the energy.

The remaining five major launches like take place at...

EB Carindale, QLD EB Helensvale, QLD EB Tea Tree Plaza, SA EB Knox City, VIC EB Joondalup, WA (Breakfast)

Man Western Australia always gets the crappy end of the stick with midnight launches. What gives?

Regardless, here is a list of all the stores having midnight launches. Be aware, it's massive.

EB Airport West EB Albert Street EB Alice Springs EB Altona EB Arana Hills EB Armidale EB Arndale EB Australia Fair EB Ayr EB Bairnsdale EB Ballarat Central EB Ballina Central EB Bankstown EB Bathurst EB Beenleigh EB Bega EB Belconnen EB Bendigo Marketplace EB Berri EB Blacktown EB Bondi EB Booval EB Box Hill EB Bribie Island EB Brimbank EB Brisbane City EB Broadmeadows EB Broadway EB Broken Hill EB Brookside EB Browns Plains EB Browns Plains Village Square EB Bundaberg EB Bundaberg Hinkler EB Burleigh Heads EB Burnie EB Burwood EB Cairns EB Cairns Central EB Caloundra EB Campbelltown EB Canberra Centre EB Belconnen EB Canelands EB Cannon Hill EB Capalaba EB Capalaba Central EB Carindale EB Caroline Springs EB Castle Plaza EB Castle Towers EB Castletown EB Casuarina EB Central Highlands Marketplace EB Cessnock EB Chadstone EB Chapel St EB Charlestown Sq EB Chatswood EB Chatswood Chase EB Chermside Nth end EB Chirnside Park EB City Cross EB Coffs Harbour EB Coffs Palms Centre (Combined opening @ EB Coffs Harbour) EB Colac EB Colonnades EB Corio EB Craigieburn EB Cranbourne EB Dandenong EB Deception Bay EB Devonport EB DFO Canberra(Combined opening @ EB Tamworth) EB Doncaster Ground Floor EB Eastgardens EB Eastlands EB Elizabeth EB Endeavour Hills EB Epping EB Erina Fair EB Fairfield EB Firle EB Forest Lakes EB Fountain Gate EB Frankston Town EB Galeries EB Garden City EB Gawler EB Geelong EB Gladstone EB Glendale EB Glenelg EB Golden Grove EB Goulburn EB Gracemere EB Grafton EB Greenhills EB Greensborough EB Griffith EB Gungahlin(Combined @ EB Belconnen) EB Gympie EB Hallet Cove EB Harbourtown Adelaide EB Helensvale EB Hervey Bay EB Highpoint EB Hobart EB Hollywood Plaza EB Hornsby EB Hurstville EB Indooroopilly EB Ingle Farm EB Innisfail EB Ipswich EB Jesmond EB Karingal EB Karratha EB Kawana EB Keysborough EB Kingaroy EB Kingston EB Knox City EB Kotara EB Lake Haven EB Lake Macquarie EB Launceston EB Lilydale EB Lismore EB Lismore Woodlark St EB Liverpool EB Logan EB Logan Central EB MacArthur Square EB MacQuarie Centre EB Majura Park(Combined opening @ EB Belconnen) EB Marion EB Meadow Mews EB Melbourne Central EB Melton EB Merrylands EB Midvalley EB Mildura EB Millner Homemaker EB Mittagong EB Moranbah EB Morayfield EB Mornington EB Mt Barker EB Mt Druitt EB Mt Gravatt EB Mt Ommaney EB Mt Pleasant EB Mudgee EB Munno Para EB Murray Bridge EB Muswellbrook EB Nambour EB Narellan EB Nepean EB Noosaville EB North Gate EB North Lakes EB Northlands EB Nowra EB Orange EB Pacific Fair EB Pakenham EB Palmerston EB Parabanks EB Parkes EB Parramatta EB Peninsula Fair EB Penrith ground lvl EB Plenty Valley EB Plumpton EB Point Cook EB Port Augusta EB Port Lincoln EB Port Macquarie EB Port Pirie EB Raymond Terrace EB Redbank Plaza EB Rhodes EB Richmond EB Richmond Markets EB Ringwood EB Riverside EB Robina EB Rockhampton (Combined opening @ EB Gracemere) EB Rockhampton Fair EB Rosebud EB Roselands EB Rouse Hill EB Runaway Bay EB Rundle Mall EB Salamander Bay EB Sale EB Seaford EB Sefton EB Settlement City EB Shellharbour EB Singleton EB Smithfield Cairns EB Southgate EB Southlands EB Springfield EB Springwood EB Stafford City EB Stanhope EB Stockland Hervey Bay EB Stocklands Townsville EB Strathpine EB Sunbury Square EB Sunnybank EB Sunshine Marketplace EB Sunshine Plaza EB Swanston Street EB Tamworth EB Tamworth 2 (Combined opening @ EB Tamworth) EB Tea Tree Plaza EB The Glen EB The Pines EB Toombul EB Toowoomba EB Top Ryde EB Traralgon EB Tuggerah EB Tuggeranong EB Tweed City EB Underwood EB Victor Harbour EB Victoria Point EB Wagga EB Warragul EB Warriewood EB Warringah Mall EB Warrnambool EB Watergardens EB Waurn Ponds EB Waverley Gardens EB Wendouree Ballarat EB Werribee Plaza EB West Lakes EB Wetherill Park EB Whyalla EB Willows Townsville EB Winston Hills EB Woden Plaza(Combined opening @ EB Tuggeranong) EB Wollongong EB Wonthaggi EB World Square EB Woy Woy EB Wynnum Plaza EB Yeppoon

Anyone here heading to the midnight launch? I'm thinking about it. I'm not usually a fan of them, but it's been a while since I've been so excited for a big AAA launch like this. I might just head out to one.


    I was at EB Games Bateau Bay last night paying off my PS4/Destiny bundle and they said they were also holding a midnight launch.

    meh, digitally pre-order from US XB1 store for cheaper, with pre order bonuses, then region switch to AU and download/preload for our launch :)

      something something australian jobs something

        something something launch by voice without needing to find the disc whenever you want :)

          there is something doomed about mankind when they cant hit an on switch but they can recite a lame catchphrase to an electronic device :p

            Given I can turn my Xbox On and get it to play music from the shitter, you're probably right :p

      Out of curiosity how much is it on the US Xbone store?

        I haven't checked the price of Destiny yet I think there is a few different options, but 90% of them are $59US which costs me $72 NZD.

          And it's 68 at JB Hi Fi

            $90 at JB here and if u wanted it midnight $115 at EB is cheapest

            Last edited 05/09/14 11:58 am

              I ordered mine from JB with the preorder 'Vangard' (PS4) dlc for only $69. Not going to midnight launch (if they have one). Not too bad I 'spose.

      are you getting it?

        Nah, too busy at the moment for another RPG, still slogging Diablo, and Forza Horizon 2 is much higher in my want list, comes out later this month.

          Fair enough, might be good to rally up some Kotaku troops for the end-game raids I only know 1 or 2 people getting it on xbone.

            Most of my mates were getting it, but a lot have decided to wait for The Division after the beta.

              I pretty much buy everything haha, will get the division aswell.

              Hey do I get a notification regarding that xbox preview program or does it just happen? I did notice a usage meter in network yesterday, sure that wasnt there before.

                You'll get a message with a code you have to redeem, the code will let you download the app, the app will let you activate your console in the preview program.

                I think full release have had the usage meter for a week or two. That was the last preview. Next preview starts today.

                  ah k sweet mustn't have been accepted then cos it was about 2-3 weeks ago wasn't it?

    I pre-loaded the online edition from the xbox store.

    The download was only 19gb... That strikes me as a little low, anyone know what the deal is there?

      You'll probably go to play and get a 15gb day one patch knowing this gen :p

      Same download size on the PS4, finished the download a few hours back it is odd it's only 6GB bigger than the beta. Day one patch is rather small too. Also a side note while pre-downloading the game is possible, so far I'm unable to download the Guardian edition content, is it downloadable on Xbox?

      Last edited 06/09/14 4:19 pm

        Yeah, the dlc was a separate download...
        I've got a theory that if i switch my console to New Zealand i can start playing at +12UTC instead of NSW, which is +10UTC
        So two hours earlier ^_^

          Might work not too sure I'm just going to nap away the remaining time haha.

    Northland, not Northlands!

      IF you're from the area you'd know its Northlands. Or even Norflans or Norfies

        I've lived within 5 minutes of Northland all my life! I know it's known as those things, but I can't stand it when companies that operate businesses there call it Northlands.

          Rofl have been going to Northland since the original Timezone was there. oh those lockins were the best. Live 5 minutes away as well, too bad their EB is always beaten by JB staff

            I was a daily frequenter of the "Top Rooms" arcade/drug den on Edwardes St in Reservoir. Timezone at Northies was always upstairs near Hoyts, right? I can't remember clearly.

              Greensborough boy here. North-Eastern suburbs represent!

              (PS. I am guilty of calling it Northlands all the time too, even though I know it's incorrect).

              Nope Timezone was downstairs where schnitz/tab was/is and was only accessible from outside. showing my age.

                Oh man, I really can't remember that far back, even though I was definitely around during that era... maybe I'm showing my age as well, in a different way.

      That grinds my gears too

    Its all g, Karratha (15hr drive/2 flight from Perth) is having a midnight release. So its not WA its just Perth being a little bitch

    People still buy games from EB Games?

      They may be $50 more expensive than anywhere else for games, but they have that silly policy of returning games within a week or something. Effectively it's renting the game with a high security deposit. Not that I partake in it or shop there, but that's the only reason I know of why people do.

        I thought you could only do that if you got your EB card to a certain level?

          Nah, that's across the board. Inevitably they sell it as a "feature" of the receipts now being tied online to your account in an attempt to sign you up, but if you have your valid paper receipt but no EB World card you're still all good for returns.

      I do when they price match the JB two doors down, and as someone else said they've got an awesome return policy if the game ends up being shit.

    Yah! Both stores have a midnight release!

    A shame I lost all interest during the beta >:

    Mine's not, I already asked last weekend. They are gonna be open 12 hours though. I'll be getting there a little early to wait for the doors to open at 9am. So I can rush home and play for a couple of hours before I have to go to work.

    Edit: Was gonna ask if you buy it digitally if you can pre-load it, but I did a quick search and apparently you can, also apparently there's a companion app for Android and iOS.

    Last edited 05/09/14 10:38 am

      Yeah, I'd need to drive an hour and a half to get to a midnight launch, and I did think of doing that with a bunch of mates =P

      But instead I'll be there at 9 for a few hours of gaming before work

    I pre ordered with jbhifi and they sent me an email yesterday saying it was posted.... pretty sure mines coming early!


      I feel that Monday might have to be a sick day!

    I'll be off tomorrow to trade in my copy of GTA V from the last big midnight launch. Might as well send Killzone back into the wild as well

      I reckon a lot of people will be trading in GTA V now a current-gen version's been confirmed, but I don't want to part with my steelcase Collector's Edition.

        oh, I'm keeping the steelcase :D I'll just hand over the normal plastic case. And yeah, I'll be getting the PS4 version when available again. I've been itching to play it again but I wanna keep off it for now until the new versions are out

    haven't even bothered pre ordering... ill just wander around to one of the many EB games here a few days after launch. there's bound to be copies there.

    Actually, I am glad they didn't make any Portal cake jokes. Kind of sick of those and references to arrows to the knee.

    I jumped on the second lot of Limited Editions so have to wait for mine to be posted :(

    I'm working one of them :) I'm keen, midnight launches are always a bit of fun, everyone that goes out to them are passionate about games so it's good to chat to everyone about it!

      Not me, I'm anti-social and just want to get the game and leave before I say something offensive to somebody

        Haha don't I know it! It's part of being a JewBoy isn't it? ;)

          It's probably because I'm a grumpy bastard. You getting this on PS4 or XBONE?

            Married life will do that? ;) xbone bud. Haven't got a ps4 yet :(

    I'll be down to the local JB for mine at 9am, have got the day off to spend downloading a patch and then not being able to login because the servers can't cope! :)

    I've never been to a midnight launch. Sounds to me like waiting in an endless line talking shit we don't know with other people, then going home. I work full-time, I don't have the time to go to bed at 3am ...

    I would usually go to eb Midland gate, but I recently moved to Melbourne, so it's EB Sunbury square now. I still don't think I will go to the midnight launch. What is Destiny? Lol I should do some research.

    Bought the Digital Guardian edition for X1 for $89 off the US store and had it download off the Aus store so it unlocks at midnight. So for those waiting in the cold, rain, nerd smelling EB's...good luck. I'll be kicking back with Destiny.

    But in reality I'll probably be in Diablo 3 and not want to finish lol.

    I'll be attending the midnight launch at Lake haven.

    when they say "10pm destiny launch on monday night" does that mean we can buy the game at that time. Or do we wait until midnight 12 am to buy the game?

    I've never been to a midnight launch. Dunno if I really want to be physically standing in a room full of neck beards. I'm not that keen on Destiny, sounds like a pole dancers name. I might wait till later in the year to check it out, I'm currently backtracking through my pile of shame and playing The Witcher 2.

    Looks like the broken hill one isn't actually opening for it...

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