These People Tried To Figure Out How Destiny's Loot System Works

These People Tried To Figure Out How Destiny's Loot System Works

If you've been playing Destiny, chances are you've been there. A purple orb ceremoniously pops out of a dying enemy, to the delight of every fibre of your being. A legendary item! Surely it's a legendary item...

But, somehow, it feels like every single time you take it to the Cryptarch to decode it, it's some blue (aka rare) weapon you didn't even need. Seriously. Trolls. The lot of them.

So what are the chances of a legendary engram turning into an actual legendary item? Not very high, it seems, according to the number-crunching results of one team of four players.

GrievouzOCE posted their team's results over on Reddit after farming for engrams since Destiny's launch. The statistics pretty much speak to a lot of what players have been saying about the Cryptarch: the man must seriously be colour blind.

After gathering 290 green engrams, 250 blue engrams and 55 purple engrams (they're far harder to farm), here's what they found:

Green Engram Rarity

  • White/Basic: 68 (23.45%)
  • Green/Uncommon: 201 (69.31%)
  • Blue/Rare: 21 (7.24%)
  • Purple/Legendary: 0
  • Yellow/Exotic: 0

Blue Engram Rarity

  • White: 0
  • Green: 53 (21.2%)
  • Blue: 186 (74.4%)
  • Purple: 11 (4.4%)
  • Yellow: 0

Purple Engram Rarity

  • White: 0
  • Green: 2 (3.64%)
  • Blue: 33 (60%)
  • Purple: 19 (34.55%)
  • Yellow: 1 (1.82%)

Picture: GoodGameBro


    Really important. Pay attention to your cryptarch lvl when decoding legendary engrams. My chance to decode a legendary engram into a legendary item seemed to go up based on my cryptarch rank. Farm blue engrams and lvl up your cryptarch rank to above lvl 8. I decode legendary items way more consistently now. I do understand farming can be a boring grind how ever. If you get a strange coin, don't get depressed, your just that much closer to be able to buy an exotic on the weekends. Same goes for motes of light even though you won't be able to choose your exotic piece. My titan got exotic warlock armor. When I lvl up that class I'll have an exotic waiting for him. I think people are pissed because they are impatient.

    People are saying that making purples strop only purples would make them too common, which is probably true at this point, but what they fail to realise is that they can just alter the drop rate to reflect the new rarity. Just make them drop a lot less if purples are the only things that come out of purple engrams. If this was diablo 3 or any other game with in identified items I would be livid if I identified what I thought was a legendary to find its a rare. Also they really need to add some kind of smart loot system. (The only items that drop for you are neutral or for your class.)

    The whole reason they are LEGENDARIES is because they are LEGENDARY. If it was easy to get them people would max out quickly and not return to the game. And when you get an item for another class you are supposed to put it in your vault until your other two characters can use it. I got an exotic chest piece for a titan on my first legendary engram and I was playing hunter. Solution? Play Titan. Its part of Bungie's long term strategy to keep players around with new content and more gear.

    I'm level 24, I haven't seen one purple or yellow engrams. I have half a dozen ships. What the hell are they good for. Can't sell them for anything...

    I haven't got any purple engrams but I'm a lvl 29 titan all I've gotten was blue and green and all of my blue heavy has turned into legendary so what's up, no armor?

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