Who Is Link's Best Romantic Option In Ocarina Of Time?

In this week's edition of 'by God I wish I had written this' comes an absolutely pitch perfect list of Link's romantic options in Ocarina of Time, ranked in terms of who would work best for him as a life partner.

It's great.

It's great because it totally thinks about the issue logically. It's great because it doesn't assume that Link is straight. It's great for a number of reasons, but I don't want to spoil the list for you.

I will just say these things.

— Princess Ruto is waaaaay to high maintence. — I suspect Darunia would be a firm but gentle lover. — Everyone had a crush on adult Malon growing up. Everyone.

Now go and read the list already!

Link’s Romantic Options In Ocarina of Time, Ranked [The Toast]


    Some people *something something* too much time... /facepalm

    if numbers of fan fics are any indication, the consensus seems to be Link + Ganon are the best match.

    This is a game of Ocarina of Time OTP.

      Will I regret it if I ask what OTP stands for?

        One True Pairing. It's a "fandom" thing.

          Dammit, all you had to say was "yes" :P

            You would have FAR more regretted Googling it. Especially Google Image searching it.

    link was always eager to service the Cuckoo girl (Chicken Girl)

    Sorceress Sisters. Two for the price of one.

      defs the sisters. still in lurve with them.

    Midna. In imp form.

      haha, a tag on the article reads "obviously i had to confine my remarks to OOT or this whole list would just be MIDNA"
      and you know I think I agree

    I've always been a Saria kind of guy. Princess Ruto is still on my 'Most Annoying People in History' list...

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