2014: The Year Of Captain Toad


    I hope it uses the same motion based camera as in SM3DW. It was surprising fun standing up and twirling with the controller for the perfect viewpoint. Motion controls, fun, I $#!+ you not!

    the bit at 2:34 really reminded me of pokemon snap

      It's more or less everything they'd need for a Pokemon Snap engine. Ride on the rails, throw apples, lava. All you'd need on top of that is screen shots posted to the Miiverse. It'd be crazy if of all things Captain Toad ended up leading to Pokemon Snap U.

      I definitely wouldn't mind Nintendo testing the waters in main series Mario games like this more often. It really helped 3D World feel different, it proved people would like the Captain Toad concept and the feedback probably made the full Captain Toad game better.

    Looks fun, might put this on my wishlist.

    Looks great! And I don't know why, but I'm stupidly impressed with the graphics. Looks even nicer than Super Mario 3D World! At any rate, I can't wait to get my mitts on it :)

    This and Yoshi's Wooly World. Can't wait. Look at all the magic. Fun, colour, adventure. Yay.

    Captain Toad is so cute and charming. Can't wait!

    So Kinopio is the original japanese name for Toad? I like it. Suits him better in my opinion. Should have left it.

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