Captain Toad Gets His Own Game

Captain Toad Gets His Own Game

Nintendo just dropped a wonderful surprise during its E3 address for all the Super Mario 3D World fans out there. The Toad levels from that amazing 2013 platformer are being turned into a full-blown game of their own. It’s called Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, and it’s coming out this holiday season.

I’m so excited I could wave my Wii U GamePad right now! But that might throw Toad off in the middle of his search for the next green star. Sigh…


  • Downloadable, I should think. The concept’s a bit thin for a full-blown retail release.

  • Oh it looks awesome and it looks like they’ve expanded the scope from the original mini game.

  • Captain “Teemo” on duty. Looks just like Teemo, probably drop shrooms too.

  • I haven’t played Super Mario 3D World so help me out here. Judging by what’s mentioned in the article it sounds like all Toad levels from 3D World are being put into Treasure Tracker along with some new ones? Or are the levels in Treasure Tracker simply inspired by the Toad levels in 3D World, not necessarily the same actual ones?

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