Coming Up On Wii U, A Nintendo Game Where You Can't Jump

Coming Up on Wii U, A Nintendo Game Where You Can't Jump

Nintendo's a company that's made its fortunes on Mario, a character with incredible jumping abilities. But, in the newest spin-off from the Super Mario series, you control a character with no hops whatsoever. Turns out that's a good thing.

Kotaku's Jason Schreier takes Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for a spin in the video above. The upcoming Wii U release expands on the environmental puzzle-solving from the Toad levels seen in Super Mario 3D World. You know what that means: 1000x more adorable Toad voice. Huzzah!


    Absolutely loved those levels in SM3DW so I was thrilled at this announcement. The WiiU is kicking some big goals at the moment (it is World Cup time after all).

    Wouldn't "A Mario game where you can't jump" be better? Pikmin didn't have jumping. Neither did Luigi's Mansion, now I think about it.

    Maybe the fact that you don't jump isn't a big deal at all and a pretty poor title for an article.

      Link generally can't jump unaided either. I thought it was a pretty bad article title choice too, but then, it seems to be the norm these days.

        Agreed. I use to love this site, but I have been skipping it if late.

        That was my first thought, "Link can't jump"
        Pokemon Trainers can't jump either without a ledge.

    i literally paused Wind Waker HD, a Nintendo game on Wii U where you can't jump, to read this article. (he does leap automatically when you run off ledges, to be fair, but its no jump)

    There are a few Nintendo games where you cannot jump. Personally I found the captain Toad puzzles to be the worst part of SM3DW and cannot believe they decided to make a whole game based on it.... get on with Starfox, F-zero, Metroid and other sellers Ninty!! Cannot afford to be messing around with minigame when 3D world was such a slow seller.

      I agree. I would rather a remake of Mario 64/Sunshine over Toad.

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