Broken Game Faces Inspire Awesome Halloween Masks

Broken Game Faces Inspire Awesome Halloween Masks

NBA2K15’s new face tech sounded so good in theory. So, of course it was a nightmare in action.

Rather than hide in shame from the screw-up, though, 2K are having a laugh and getting into the Halloween spirit by turning the busted faces into Halloween masks.

You can print them out here. While some look a little too deformed to mean much of anything to the average person on the street, there are a few that are deformed just enough – in that Aphex Twin kinda way – to give kids the creeps.


  • i did mine again after the last update and it looked half decent i no longer look like i come from a mediterranean country

    • I tried mine a couple more times, some parts of the face look REALLY good, like professionally done. It can’t seem to ever get my eyes to look normal though, usually I have 3-4 eyes in different places and they are all sunken and strange. I think I need better lighting and to have my kinect on top of the tv instead of below it because I have to sit on the floor to scan at the moment and I think I might be giving a weird angle for it.

      • Getting the lighting is important it was hard for me as 1 side of my lounge is brighter than the other butthe hardest thing is keeping your face in that stupid rectangle.

  • You could wear the mask and a Superman logo muscle tee and people will think you’re Sloth from the Goonies.

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