Destiny Gun Names, Ranked

Destiny Gun Names, Ranked

Legendary and exotic guns in Destiny all have names. Some of those names are pretty good.

74. Viper P3

73. Crusader I

72. Hawkmoon

71. Prestige IV

70. Judgment VI

69. Vanquisher VIII

68. Cryptic Dragon

67. Praedyth’s Revenge

66. Red Death

65. Deviant Gravity-A

64. Vex Mythoclast

63. Radagast’s Fury

62. Silmar’s Wrath

61. Hex Caster ARC

60. Unwilling Soul-09

59. 77 Wizard

58. Efrideet’s Spear

57. Fatebringer

56. Proxima Centauri II

55. Gheleon’s Demise

54. Crypt Dweller SR1

53. Hezen Vengeance

52. Steel Oracle Z-11

51. Hide and Seek-42

50. Vision of Confluence

49. The Aries Nemesis X4

48. Suros Regime

47. MIDA Multi-Tool

46. Pocket Infinity

45. Broken Truth-LR1

44. Conduit F3

43. Thorn

42. Duke Mk. 44

41. Monte Carlo

40. Atheon’s Epilogue

39. Zombie Apocalypse WF47

38. Final Boss

37. The Supremacy

36. Unfriendly Giant

35. The Crash

34. Final Rest II

33. The Chance

32. Super Pox VLO

31. Jolder’s Hammer

30. Timur’s Lash

29. Hard Light

28. The Cure

27. The Devil You Know

26. Ice Breaker

25. Invisible Hand M7

24. The Calling

23. The Culling

22. Epitaph 2261

21. Strange Suspect

20. Truth

19. Invective

18. Thunderlord

17. Shadow Price

16. Bad Juju

15. Lord High Fixer

14. Patience and Time

13. The Last Word

12. Bad Seed Down

11. A.1F19X-RYL

10. Fate of All Fools

9. The Swarm

8. Doctor Nope

7. Grim Citizen III

6. Universal Remote

5. Plan C

4. Light/Beware

3. The Comedian

2. Super Good Advice

1. Gjallarhorn

Pictures and full list of names via the Destiny Wiki


  • I wonder if “The Fate of All Fools” is a Marathon 2 reference. Toward the end of the game, Durandal sends Tycho’s ship crashing into a moon and then “burned his epitaph into the
    surface near the crash site, in letters three hundred meters high: “Fatum Iustum Stultorum.”” (bad) Latin, roughly meaning ‘The Just Fate of Fools’ – though Google Translate amusingly gives the translation “Destiny is just Stupid”.

  • I know this is completely unrelated to destiny but my strange shotgun in tf2 is called ‘The Universal Translator’.

  • Personally, Final Boss would be much higher in the list.

    But for serious. What a strange article.

  • haha nice I’ve never seen any funny gun names so that’s cool to see. i don’t get A.1F19X-RYL… maybe I’m missing a meme or reference here?

  • At level 27 im still rocking Rare Blue primary and Heavies but for some reason the game has given me ample Specials. I have Light/Beware which i have only recently got and now use. I also have a The Comedian which i don’t use as i got it after completing the Exotic Bounty for the “Invective” shotty. Luckiest Legendary Engram ever (Before Patch) was a long time ago when i got the Ice Breaker Sniper. Its OP as F but make up for it by having its 6 round total capacity.

  • My highest ranked gun is Super Good Advice, the easiest of the Exotics to get. It’s also bloody rubbish for accuracy, at least until you upgrade the bullet refund perk and then you can fire it all day until your shots start landing.

    Favourite so far is Shadow Price, but it’s an auto rifle so let’s see if I still like it when I get home tonight and play post-nerf.

    Also found the SWARM in a purple engram last night, so I might give that a go too.

  • Can’t believe ” regulator” didn’t make the list.

    Regulators, we regulate any stealing of his property and we damn good too. But you can’t be any geek off the street, gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your keep!

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