Good Game's Episode On Mental Health Is Worth A Watch

Despite totally disagreeing with its (admittedly reader voted) top 100, if there's a better TV show about video games than Good Game, I've yet to see it. This week's episode, which focused on issues of mental health and video games was — I felt — an important one. If you have a spare 30 minutes it's well worth watching.

It focuses on the positive impact games have had on people with mental health issues, and focuses on video games with mental health as a thematic element. There are some great stories of people using video games to overcome difficulties and I actually found it quite inspiring.

If you need help or someone to talk to, call Lifeline for 24-hour assistance on 13 11 14, or seek help from BeyondBlue or your local GP.


    For my own mental health.... Nope.

      You don't like the show?

        Nope... It misses the point of a dual host/reviewer format.

          Ah, I get that. I do wish they were more like Margaret and David, but I still enjoy it.

            Every review margaret and david has ever done.

            margaret : This movie was terrible.
            David I agree, why did they even make it.

            Im glad to see those losers and that pathetic show go. They know nothing about film.

              Every Bajo and Hex review...

              "I agree, yeah me too, yes that is annoying, yes that is great, I liked this, me too, I'm giving it 8, i'm giving it 8.5"

              Fuck it see.... It's already harming my mental health.

              Last edited 08/10/14 1:47 pm

                Yeah F those guys for enjoying games and liking / disliking similar thing! their opinions are bad and they should feel bad...

                kidding... but the above needs to chill i think.

                  Indeed. There is a difference of opinion on many occasions however. Recently for instance, the review of Destiny. Bajo gave an 8.5, where as Hex felt a 7 was more appropriate from her experience. They have different tastes, were previously influenced by different games and can have varying pro's and con's.

                  Last edited 08/10/14 2:01 pm

                Have you watched the last couple of seasons? They've toned it down a fair bit. Plenty of 6.5's and 5.5's.

                Good Game is just a worse version of X-play. That same "i'm going to agree with everything my co-host said" vibe, but Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler were waaay better than Bajo and Hex.

              They've been reviewing films for fifty years. I'm gonna say they probably know more than you or me.

              Do you have terrible taste in movies and only watch the reviews for the ones you've already decided to see?
              Or are you in the industry and worked on the one bad local film that they didn't go easy on because it was local?

              (In pompous voice) Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see Michael Bay's new film. I truly hope it's as good as his other masterworks.

                I find the actual problem with Good Game lately is that there has been very few actual good games for them to review - my god the winter months turned up some dross and now (although I get that it's mental health week) they will be struggling to review all the blockbusters coming out in the next 3 months

                That aside it's a wonderful show and worth watching if only to catch a sporadic appearance by Dave Callan - Australian comedy's best kept secret!

                  I do agree with you though. Dave and Goose are the only worthwhile entertainment of the show. I find it funny, however, how DARREN has more personality than it's two main hosts put together. If it was just Goose, Dave and DARREN, I'd definitely watch it, without a doubt. I'm such a Jungy fanboy. I miss the old days.

            bajo and hex are great, but from all the good game content so far, seem suited to shows targeting kids and a particular flavour of 'gamer'. I'd love to see a show that reviewed games with the professional tone of the movie show. The game show? o.O

              I found that they seemed more interested in entertaining each other with stupid jokes and noises than the audience themselves. Also the reviewing quality has gone down. So the general reviews seem to be a massive in-joke, and entertainment is only found for watching stupid people make stupid faces and all other kinds of bullshit. People may enjoy the show, and I respect their ideals, but I personally think that the show has declined so much in the last couple of years, they are now at the centre of the Earth. It was great when it started, it was great when it was rolling. The transition from Kapowski to Bajo was surprisingly smooth, given the circumstances surrounding it. Hell, I actually liked Bajo in the old days, back when he was still silly, yet attempting to amuse the audience rather than his co-presenter (fancy bollocks old chap!). Jeremy Ray knew what he was talking about, and he has stuck by his morals, which is why I respect him as much as I do, and he has only got better with time ("We were a little worried that the new DMC may not live up to it's AAA status. What we got, was SSS"). Ok, rant over, and while I respect these people's views, they should understand that there is far, far greater entertainment available to them.

    There use to be bloody great game show on saturday morning back around 94-96 but i forgotten the name of it. was only half and hour but it was on channel 9 830 and then after it finished you had the whole WB animation session with animaniacs, Batman:TAS, Taz-Mania, and a crap load bugs bunny shorts

      Was it Control Freaks? That's the only one I remember being on weekend mornings, but I'm not sure if it was quite that old. Also may have actually been at 10:30 on a Sunday.

    New Game Plus is worth a watch as well.

    Though the tone of the interviews was a teeny bit... well, not inauthentic, but a bit, well, cheesy, it was a good episode. It's really great to see all kinds of shows breaking the stigma about mental health.

    Great show, great hosts, great episode

    Suffering from mental health issues myself I found the interviews really helpful. It's nice to be reminded you're not alone. The second interview in particular really hit a mark with me as I work in quite a high stress work role and have Generalised Anxiety Disorder to the same degree he does.

    They review some weird little indy games and have missed some pretty big ones like Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros.

      Those will be on their SP show.... It's for juniors.... Not that their is much difference.... BAM!

      (alright i'm going now)

    I am going to watch this video as I think it's an interesting topic but on the whole I don't rate Good Game. It pales in comparison to some of the quality videogame coverage we see online.

    ...if there’s a better TV show about video games than Good Game, I’ve yet to see it...

    'The Zone', mid 90's :-D
    Not current, I know, but was a MUCH better show. There are a few old episodes and clips still floating around YouTube and its still great.

    It's great that the ABC has the whole "Mental As" programming thing going on this week. As a long term sufferer of depression who has thankfully managed to finally get on top of things after 15 years, it's a great initiative and good on "Good Games" for chipping in.

      Absolutely agree. It's great to see an effort to give a widespread awareness of the raw statistics, which speak volumes on their own, as well as a lot of discussion on the issues and possible solutions on a community level. Have added this to my queue to watch tonight.

      Though, to digress ever so slightly, I do think someone forgot that 'Mental As' programming was running when they scheduled in Bob Katter for Q&A this week.... his views on mental illness have a striking similarity to his views on foreign policy and immigration. Either way, was a great episode.

    Yes I saw this and thought it was great, a very different episode to the usual. The entire ABC is doing great this week with MentalAS. One of the interviews they had was with the online journalist and his struggles particually around comments to his articals. I often see this here on Kotaku, Giz and LH and wonder why people seem to put so much effort into pointing out the smallest of flaws or arguing because of a difference of opinon to either the article or another comment. Often these become aggressive and sometimes I suspect very hurtful . I am already seeing many in the current log. For this reason I have deciced not to correct any of my spelling or grammar :)
    Sadly a work colleague of mine was taken just this weekend, he will be greatly missed. :(

      His comments about feeling typos made me feel super-guilty about any time I've pointed out errors in Mark's spelling/grammar, even though I try to do it as pleasantly as possible. I can totally see where he's coming from. I have similar (though not quite as severe) issues any time I get work emails, due to the stress they tended to cause in a previous job.

    Did they ask Jung about his mental health after being axed?


      Why did they axe @junglist ? I presumed he left on his own terms.
      And for the record: the show was much better back then.

      Last edited 08/10/14 3:24 pm

        It was not a pleasant event from Jung's perspective apparently. Ancient history now i'm sure, but there was much internet drama at the time.

          Ahh. I was just a lurker back then so i can't remember.
          In my humble opinion the show has gone to horse poop now.
          typical mediocre reviewers. All they do is buy the hype. " wow bioshock infinite was amazing 10/10. YEAH me too!"
          I wish i could go with the sheep and call it a "review".

          Nice avatar btw ;)

          Last edited 08/10/14 3:42 pm

            I think its actually more of a sheep view to hate on BioShock infinite nowadays, its the cool internet thing to do.

              I hated it before it was hipster to.
              I pre-ordered it and played it.
              I thought it was and is linear crap.
              End of my story.

                that's what all the hipsters say. you can't win.

        I may be wrong and but I believe abc changed their minds about having 2 males host a show because equal rights and all that stuff.

          From a business perspective it was a smart move. They would have increased their audience, softening and broadening the scope of their image by adding Hex. The loss of loyal viewers stung by the removal of Jung was an acceptable casualty for the producers.

          I feel for Jung, but I can see the business case for it.

        I agree with it being much better with Junglist as host.

          Care to elaborate why?
          He could actually sit still and his voice didn't annoy the crap outta me.
          Edit: by that i meant he equalled banjo out not hex.

          Last edited 08/10/14 7:22 pm

    It's a shame that an episode of television that looks at mental health and how it relates to gaming has sparked a stupid conversation about hosts and uninformed opinions.

    I hate the way the chick emasculates the male (whats his name again the one with the motorised toothbrush head movements I forget his name?) on the show in her insidious ways secondly the 2 clowns wouldn't know a good game if it hit them upside the head with a wet fish thirdly it's a crap show

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