Hey, It's Samus From Metroid In Monster Hunter 4G

Oh Hey, It's Samus from Metroid in Monster Hunter 4G

Neat? Not neat? Whichever! Samus is going to appear in special Monster Hunter 4G side quest downloadable content, complete with giant weapons.

Yes, this is the Samus from Metroid: Other M, and she will be playable in both her Varia Suit and her Zero Suit. The quest DLC will be available for download from December 17 to January 28, 2015 for members of 7-Eleven's free Wi-Fi service Seven Spot.

It looks like the game's international release next year is getting this collaboration as well.

[MH4G]『メトロイド』コラボ紹介映像 [CapcomChannel]


    Wow, is Nintendo whoring out their franchise?

    I mean, is Nintendo whoring out their franchises even more then before?

    I mean, is... Nintendo being... Nintendo?

      Aside from Link appearing in the GC version of Soul Calibur II, I can't recall many other Nintendo characters making appearances in third party games.

        I'm mainly making a joke about how people describe Nintendo. Usually in reference to Mario games.

        Although what they did with Samus was pretty literal :P

        link and Mario are in Mh 4 to some degree also.

          Bayonetta 2 also has Peach, Daisy, Link, Samus and Fox outfits. They're being a lot more casual about letting 3rd party devs use their properties lately, and I'd say it's a good thing. Just look at Hyrule Warriors.

            hmm I look at hyrule warriors and think the opposite

              Dynasty Warriors with Ganondorf? I believe you are mistaken, sir.

        Mario, Luigi and Peach showed up in that SSX game. And also some street basketball one?

    What's with those NES-level sound effects?

      Maybe that was the point

        The point was to make it sound awful?

          I don't know if what I said was right. But maybe it was done like that to bring a feeling of nostalgia. A little bit of fan-service for metroid players.

            Yeah, probably. Except it totally doesn't work :P

    What you have here people is a type of suit designed to obliterate whole planets if used properly, with it is a cannon capable of being armed tactical nuclear weapons or the aptly named hyperbeam, which is capable of being as destructive as a kamehameha, which is it self very destructive, letting hunters who look from being from the late middle ages is a bad idea having this weaponry as we don't want the repeat of what happened the last time someone left cold war weaponry around on a island, the result was that too many people keep forgeting where they left the claymore mine & being blown up by them as a result, let me remind you, this new gun is a planet destroyer, handle with caution

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