How Much Money Have You Spent On Your Wii U?

How Much Money Have You Spent On Your Wii U?

The Wii U has taken roughly $US300 from your wallet already, but chances are you've purchased more than a few games for Nintendo's newest home console. Just how much money depends on who you are.

We've already asked you about how much money you've sunk into your Xbox Ones and PS4s, so now it's time to do the same for the last of the big three. Don't forget about all the comfy chairs and extra controllers you bought to accommodate this gaming experience.

So, what's your personal count? Share your list below, following this example:

$Add Up Your Total Cost Here

Wii U, 8GB Basic Set ($300)

Super Mario 3D World ($60)

The Wonderful 101 ($25, on sale)

Three pro controllers ($150)

Let's see what you got! And feel free to add any necessary context to your list, should you feel it needs it.

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    I put money away to buy one on launch day. Then it had no good games.

    I almost bought one after Mario Kart came out when they were <$150 but I had no cash.

    Now I might buy one if Zelda comes out in the next 3 years? Maybe?

      It has amazing games. In terms of a price:fun ratio, the Wii U has the best track record of all the current-gen consoles (I have PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and a PC)

    Wii U Pro - $350
    3x Pro Controllers - $160

    Mario Kart 8 - $70
    Super Mario 3D World - $70
    Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze - $70
    Wind Waker HD - $70
    Pikmin 3 - $70
    Deus Ex - $50 (easily the best possible version of Deus Ex)

    $910 ... my god.

    plus VC titles: Earthbound, Super Metroid, A Link To The Past etc = approx $30-40

    That being said I am only planning on buying Smash Bros, Xenoblade and Zelda U in the future.

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      I wish I hadn't played Deus Ex so much. The game seems like it was built for the Wii U but I've already exhausted it. I'd love to see a BioWare type RPG made specifically for it.

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    Can't make an exception now, have to be fair to everyone.


    Wii U (Basic w/ Skylanders Pack) - $179 (Target).
    Wii U Pro Controller - $50
    Wii U GamePad Skin - $5

    ZombiU - $16
    The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker - $52
    Super Mario 3D World - $51
    Mario Kart 8 - $49
    New Super Luigi U - $48
    New Super Mario Bros U + Luigi U - $59
    Xenoblade Chronicles X (OzGameShop Pre-Order) - $58.

    Total as of now - $541.

    Wii U Pro - $350
    1x pro controller - $60
    Super Mario 3D World
    Mario Kart 8
    Lego City Undercover
    Hyrule Warriors
    Pikmin 3
    Monster Hunter 3

    You know what I bought a lot of games lets just say I probably spent a thousand or so on it.

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    Oh god this is not going to be good...

    Wii U $379
    ZombiU $69
    Pro Controller $55
    New Super Mario Bros $58 or something I think
    New Super Luigi $68
    Pikmin 3 $54
    The Wonderful 101 $64
    Rayman Legends $48
    Super Mario 3D World $64
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze $68
    NFS Most Wanted $29
    Darksiders 2 $15
    Mario Kart 8 $52.50
    Resident Evil Revelations $10
    Splinter Cell Blacklist $10
    Hyrule Warriors $59

    Total: $1102.5

    Holy flippin' crap.

      Welp. You and I have very similar collections.

      I'm missing NFS, Darksiders and RE:RE from that list.
      But I have AssCreed 3 & 4, Windwaker and Skylanders Swap Force.
      Plus a bunch of VC games.

      That is definitely some significant moneydollars spent.

        Yeah, only got those last ones recently thanks to clearances :P

        Still looking to get a cheap copy of AC4 at some point though.

    My Wii U was a gift and the only game I personally bought for it was Super Mario 3D World.
    I don't recall how much it was on the eshop at launch but I haven't spent much.

    Waiting for the newer models to come down in price, when's the next sale damn it!

      newer models? the way the Wii U is selling there probably won't be a new model. So you should just get one now, the console is pretty good actually, and Legend of Zelda: Windwalker is a great game if you have yet played.

    I have 3 Wii Us, one on launch and 2 on dick smith clearance...all the first party titles and 4 wii u controller way am I willing to work out how much that all costs...

    at least I dont have a ps4 or xboxone yet! those need a price drop (and good games)

    WiiU Pro + Nintendoland - $430
    New Super Mario U - $80
    ZombiU - $60
    Mario 3D World - $80
    Wind Waker HD - $70
    Sonic Racing Transformed - $70
    Lego City - $70
    Mario Kart 8 - $70
    Pro Controller - $60

    $990 plus Super Luigi U and Mario Kart 8 DLC and a few VC games so maybe add another $40 to make it $1030

    price of mario+Luigi bros game+console and MK8, plus free pikimin

    I was pretty late to the party but I got in before the heavy hitters like Mario Kart 8 so the console was still relatively expensive. I grabbed the Monster Hunter 3 bundle, a dock, three Pro controllers (in addition to the one with the bundle) and so far I'm up to a little over a dozen games. Back when the XBOX One and PS4 were struggling the Wii U saw the most play, and even today it gets a solid amount of play thanks to fact I can either play XBOX One/PS4 on the main screen while watching YouTube on the Wii U, or I can watch movies/TV on the XBOX One and play games on the Wii U.

    The thing that makes it a bit tricker than the XBOX One/PS4 is that I brought a Wii remote + nun-chuck and some Wii games. There's a few VC games in there too. I'm not going to count them but I technically brought them for the Wii U.

    Wii U bundle with Mario Bros and Rayman $429

    zombie U $29
    Mariokart $79
    Windwaker free
    super Mario 3d $79
    WII remote $50 with wii party u

    $666! not that bad really as have had a lot of fun out of those games.

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      Might I suggest a small VC game purchase? That number doesn't seem like it will bode well for you...

    $214 pro console, $10 Pro controller, $30 pro controller, $30 NSMBU, and a couple $50-70 games.

    I bought the MK8 premium bundle for about $400. Threw in Donkey Kong on top of that for an extra $60 or so. NSMBU was my free game. Have since purchased Mario 3D World for about $50 and ZombiU for $19. No need to buy extra Wiimotes or pro controllers or anything as I retained them when I sold my original Wii. No money spent on eshop at this stage.

    There's a few more games coming out soon that I have my eye on so that total will change before the end of the year.

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    WiiU Skylanders Pack - $179
    Pro controller $49
    Super Mario 3D World $57
    ZombieU $10
    Mariokart 8 $57

    All up $352.

    Probably pick up a couple more games before the year's out, but pretty happy with it after 3 months of use.

    Wii U Pro - $200
    Zelda ww - $49
    Rayman Legends $25
    Mario Kart $52


    Wii U 8gb Skylanders pack $198
    Sensor bar $10
    Pro controller $49
    Super Mario $30 s/h
    Sonic transformed $10 s/h
    Darksiders 2 $10
    Scribblenaughts $10
    Assassins Creed $10
    Call of Duty $10 s/h
    ZombieU $10
    Rabbids $15
    Mario Kart 8 $58
    = $420
    Pretty happy with those numbers ^_^


    However my Wife and i want to get one as a family gift at Christmas, So hoping to find a good cheap bundle somewhere.

      Even if you don't get a bundle, Wii U games are pretty damned cheap in comparison to everything else on the market. Sure, the first party stuff will stay near enough to their RRP, but there's honestly some great 3rd party gems that can be had for a pittance. ZombiU is one of the best games for the system, and it's also the cheapest - I'm constantly seeing it around for $10-15. Rayman is great co-op fun, and you can find it almost anywhere for cheap too!

    Shit, here we go... prices are as accurate as I can remember for stuff I got on sale, otherwise prices taken from my purchase history.

    Wii U Pro New Super Mario Bros U/Nintendo Land Bundle $430
    Wii U Pro Controller $60

    Assassin's Creed Black Flag $40
    Batman Arkham City $30
    Deus Ex HR $30
    Hyrule Warriors LE $99 + Season Pass $19
    Mario Kart 8 $79 + Pikmin 3 FREE + DLC $16
    Injustice $20
    Need For Speed Most Wanted $60
    Resident Evil Revelations $40
    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 $40
    [digital] ZombiU $15
    [digital] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate $79.95
    [digital] Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed $39
    Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition $13
    Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara $13
    Another World 20th Anniversary Edition: $10.40
    Pullblox World $6.50
    F-Zero: Maximum Velocity $9.10
    Golden Sun $9.10
    Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 $9.10
    Metroid Fusion $9.10
    Mario & Yoshi $6.50
    TLoZ Wind Waker HD $79.95
    Mighty Switch Force! HDE - $11.00
    BIT.TRIP Runner 2 $7.99
    Super CastleVania IV $10.40
    Nano Assault Neo $13.00
    Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams $10.00
    Ducktales: Remastered $19.50
    Trine 2: Director's Cut $10

    -$42 in free vouchers from the Digital Deluxe Promotion


    Phew- that took longer than I thought it would! Not bad, I've gotten so much enjoyment out of my Wii U, it's crazy!

      Dude that's impressive but I think I have that beat. we are moving house shortly so I have most things packed away and can't remember exactly but I have the console bought at launch, pro controller, approx 35-40 retail games, and I don't even know how many VC games - I shudder to think. Plus I have the external hard drive if that counts but I did buy it specifically for the console.

      ok so it got the better of me so I'll do approximates:

      Console: 350
      6x Retail Downloads = 240
      30x retail games = 1200
      harddrive = 80
      Pro controller = 50
      27x VC games = 162
      17 x NES games = 68
      14 x SNES games = 98
      2 x GBA = 15

      = 2263 ... and I didn't count infinity figures.

      All very approximate but I reckon that's being a tad conservative...

        Very nice! Yeah, I've only had mine since January :) Dunno why I took so long getting one, it's one of my favourite systems that I own. I need to get a hard drive too, I HATE space management, haha. Which one did you plump for?

          pretty sure this in black:

          just make sure to get a y-cable USB.

          add me on miiverse if u like: wolfpacsnakepit

    Console - 179
    Pro controller -50
    Mario kart 8 -69
    Super Mario something - free
    Nintendoland -free
    Zelda wind waker -free
    Skylanders Swap force -free
    Skylanders for the game... Lots...
    Ok this game isn't fun anymore. I felt pretty cocky till then.

    Can't recall the exact prices I paid but roughly:
    Console, AU$429
    Zelda, mariokart, pikmin, Donkey Kong, ZombiU, mario, mario. ~$70 each, $490
    A few items off the eShop, probably totalling ~$100.
    Couple controllers - $120.

    So AU$1139.

    Wii u deluxe used with all accessories 530 $ including many games
    Mario kart 8 70$
    Zelda wind waker free with mario kart8
    Tekken tag 26$
    Deus ex 25$
    Blacklist splinter cell 21$
    Donkey kong 33 $
    Mario kart dlc 12$
    Wii u gamepad skin 20$
    Supermario 3d , supermario bros&luigi, lego city, sonic lost world, trine2, the cave, assassins creed 3, spiderman 1, all free with used console

    Total i spent 735usd bargain really compared to hours of play and fun.

    Pro Console: 214
    Pro controller: 35
    NSMB U: 30
    Zombie U: 15
    Wind Waker: 78
    Rayman Legends: 30
    SM3D World: 78
    Skylanders Giants starter pack: 35
    MK 8: 56
    Pikmin 3 digital: 0 with MK 8
    NES Remix 1: 15 (I think)


    I love the Wii U but with my excessive collection of games and limited time I don't give it enough time.

    I still want to pick up Deus Ex, Lego City Undercover, Wonderful 101, DK, Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros. I should just focus on the games I have for the time being.

    Also can't wait for future titles like Zelda and other games not announced like F-Zero, Metroid, Rogue Squadron 4 and Pilot Wings (fingers crossed).

    Console - $249
    Zombie U - $31
    Donkey Kong tropical freeze - $59
    Hyrule Warriors - $59
    Zelda Wind Waker - $59
    Mario Kart 8 - $59
    Zelda minish cap - $9.10


    I have had my fair enjoyment on the console so far, worth the cost.

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