Official Civilization LEGO Doesn’t Include Nukes (Or Pottery)

Official Civilization LEGO Doesn’t Include Nukes (Or Pottery)

It’s not a smug Gandhi, or a Great Library, but this new project on LEGO’s Ideas platform is nevertheless an official piece of Civilization LEGO. It just needs some votes to help turn it into a real thing you can buy.

Unlike most other submissions to Ideas, which come from fans, this actually comes from developers Firaxis (in case you couldn’t tell from the giant logo on the front). And while I’m a little sad that it’s for Civ: Beyond Earth, and not the core series, I guess the new game’s unique unit design makes it an easier sell than a spearman or bank made out of plastic bricks.

In another break from the norm, this idea actually already exists, albeit in limited numbers, since a few were made up and given out as presents to Firaxis staff once development on the game was finished. This campaign is aimed at turning it into a commercial product that could be sold in stores.

LEGO Ideas runs on votes, so if this is something you’d like to see become a reality, head here and click on buttons.

Official Civilization LEGO Doesn’t Include Nukes (Or Pottery)

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