Our Best Look Yet At Final Fantasy XV's Combat

In just one month, Final Fantasy XV has somehow transformed from assumed vaporware to a genuine game that feels like it's actually going to come out. After a year and a half of radio silence, today it seems like there's FFXV news every week.

Last night in Japan, FFXV director Hajime Tabata and crew broadcasted a new look at the fifteenth Final Fantasy, and with it, we got our closest look yet at the game's real-time combat system. Above you can watch video from the presentation (via GAF), an extended version of their Tokyo Game Show gameplay demo. In the video, protagonist Noctis leaps and swerves through enemies, warping around the battlefield and cutting through soldiers. It doesn't look like any Final Fantasy game we've seen before.

During the presentation, Tabata also answered a bunch of fan questions on Final Fantasy XV, clarifying that as of right now you can only control Noctis, who can warp, use that barrier ability (called Phantom Sword), and jump via a dedicated jump button. Gematsu has a full translation. Here's an excerpt:


    Hellooooooo reason to get a PS4

      It'll also appear for the Xbox One, if I recall correctly? I'm almost there saving up for a PS4 mainly because of Bloodborne, but I got my eye on this one too.

    Is it really too much to hope for that square make a turn based FF game again? >.

      Probably, seems they saw turn based as just a limitation of technology (which it was) rather than the style they want to continue to use. I don't think it would matter even if they went back to turn based they'd probably still be silly messes.

      They should follow Atlus and make handheld spin-offs. I don't see it happening anymore with the current crop of consoles though.

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