Real-Life Disney Princesses Would Make The Worst Best Friends

Disney princesses don't always have the best priorities — but normally, that's not actually your problem. Unless, of course, you happen to be friends with a Disney princess. Then things get tricky.

Here's a silly take on what it would be like to know Disney Princesses in real life, as a counterpart to the Disney Princes video that Buzzfeed made last month. Honestly, these horrible folks are made for each other.

The funny thing is, I've totally met people — men and women alike — who are obsessed with Tinder, or who expect a significant other to come in and fix all their problems. My favourite, though, has to be Pocahontas. She reminds me of former classmates (I attended a rather hippy-ish college).

Ultimately, I don't blame the protagonist here for deciding to become a queen instead of a princess. Get it, girl.

If Disney Princesses Were Real [BuzzFeedVideo]


    Reposting buzzfeed and not even remotely related to video games, cmon

      Pop culture. Don't act so surprised.

        They usually at least half heartedly try and relate it to games in some way, and the whole buzzfeed thing is the worst part anyway, buzzfeed are lazy enough without reposting their crap

          Pop culture?

          YouTube culture.

      It took you more time to comment on an article you weren't interested in than just skipping over it. Other people, on the other hand, are interested in pop culture stuff.

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