Remember This?

Congrats to the_foreigner who correctly guessed that Friday's Remember This was Advent Rising. Nice job dude.

Good luck with today's Remember This!


    Some Thomas the Tank game from the early 2000s. Although that yellow thing to me looks like a taxi.

    Found it on Google image search i think but won't reveal it.

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      We have a winner!

    Operation Flashpoint? Shot in the dark

    Looks like the tarmac stage in a rally game, and what could be a Renault Williams megane f2 maxi or a seat Ibiza f2.

    Rally championship 2000?

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      I believe this is the winner.

        Oh hey it is:

    I saw that and instantly thought "Trials Evolution" because there's a train somewhere in gigatrack, and that track has scarred me for life. Fuck gigatrack™.

    god damnit i thought i finally got in with the winner (It's stuntman from the ps2) but a quick read through shows i am too late once again.

    For some reason, I was thinking Battlefield 3's Caspian Border

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