Shadow Of Mordor Player Pulls Off Massive Betrayal

Sauron’s entire high command, all going after a single warchief at once. He never stands a chance.

Confused about what happens in the clip? Shadow of Mordor grants players the ability control and dominate orcs, which in turn lets a player plant orcs in Sauron’s high command. In this case, that power is used so that every single high-level orc turns on a single warchief. Given that these orcs are supposed to be the warchief’s bodyguards, it’s a betrayal of absurd proportions — and it was staged entirely by GnudGaming. And then to add salt to the wound, he kills off every single high-level orc in one go too, just like just like this person did.

If you don’t have time to see the lead-up to the moment of betrayal, skip to the 2:15 mark — that’s when you see the entire nemesis board turning on a single orc. Otherwise, enjoy the sounds of sped-up orcs. It’s kind of funny.

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor | The Ultimate Betrayal [GnudGaming]


  • it was thoroughly entertaining hearing the orcs sound like the mice from babe.
    I Can’t WAIT Til I’ve unlocked the ability to control captains 😀

    • I didn’t even know that was an ability! Stoked for the second half of the game now…

      (RPS: “The game makes all its big mistakes (and they’re very big mistakes) in the first hour. After that, it does something few games ever do: it gets continually better the further into it you get.” So true!)

      • I disagree with that RPS article – hand holding is fucking annoying, experimentation and working shit out for yourself is much more satisfying. It’s not like the game is overly difficult. That being said if he just went into the menu system it tells you exactly how to use the abilities anyway.

  • The only real issue, is you have to play through so much of the story to get to the point where you can command captains and War chiefs. Then by that time, it’s almost pointless. I love the game, but some of the systems could definitely be more fleshed out in the the sequel.

  • currently 9 missions done out of 20, with a heap of the archery, slave freeing and sword missions completed + some a few of the power struggles done, haven’t yet unlocked these cool abilities. Just makes me more pumped for the 2nd half of the game XD

  • Seriously……can Kotaku stop posting crap articles like this? The game has literally just come out and it feels like I know everything about the game/storyline/secrets/etcetc……..

    I’m one step away from totally ignoring Kotaku. The only thing keeping me here are Mark’s articles.

    • With what free will you have, you could just not click on these articles you know?

      Or is some one from Kotaku sitting behind you with a knife to your throat forcing you to click and read every SoM article? If so, i understand you may not be able to say yes without alerting your captor, just say potato and i’ll understand.

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