The Dumbest Ways To Die In Dark Souls II

In Dark Souls II there are so many legit ways to die. So many things that can kill you and you'd be all like, of course that crazy arse boss was going to kill me. But there are also ways to die in Dark Souls II that really make you question your own intelligence.

That's what this song is about.

The song is called Dumb Ways To Die In Dark Souls II and it does exactly what it says on the tin: it is a song about all the weird and wonderful ways you can die in Dark Souls II.

It's great. It's actually a really well produced song, well written, well performed. It's surprisingly great!

And yes, falling off a ledge at the start of the game is included in the song. You did it. Just admit it.


    I certainly haven't done the majority of them. At all. Ever.
    What? What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?

    Im certain that the "slow red beetle" isnt actually a beetle but rather a lizard? Just to be a dick.

    So many versions of this song! I love that they did a Dark Souls one at last.

      So it is a version of the metro trains song? Can't wait to get home to watch it! I spent ages on YouTube one night watching them and giggling!

        Sounds like the same performer and everything!

    So they missed out the obvious one which was the shift in jumping/sliding down? But certainly, have done some of these by accident... -_____-

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