Game Of The Year: 420BLAZEIT Is One Of The Games Of The Year

Game Of The Year: 420BLAZEIT Is One Of The Games Of The Year

Mountain Dew. Doritos. Noscopes. Sonic. Game of the Year (aka 420BLAZEIT) by Andy Sum has all this and more.

I'd "review" it, but I never get that far since I keep dying. Because I can't stop laughing.

You can play it (though downloading is probably preferable) here.


    I don't know, maybe it's a sign of my age... but when ever i see these video's of noscopping mlg mountain dew video's on the net with loud dubstep my face resembles that of grumpy cat. I don't even come close to getting it.

    Last edited 17/11/14 7:32 pm

      I don't get it...
      Get this shit off of my lawn..

      I totally agree. I cannot enjoy things 'ironically'. It's just not worth my time.

    Damn, son, where did you find this? This is some top dank mlg stuff!

    Oooooooo0oh baby a tripple!

    What did I just spend 20 minutes playing? I *think* it was hilarious, but I can't be sure. It just kept reminding me of far cry: blood dragon, but memes and pot-culture as opposed to 80's action movies.

    I really enjoyed it. Super easy and simple but hey. A laughs a laugh!

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