How To Ride Destiny's Sparrow Like A Surfboard

How To Ride Destiny's Sparrow Like A Surfboard

Are you still driving your Sparrow with your butt planted on the seat like a normal guardian? How embarrassing.

Freke Out has simple instructions on how to use your Sparrow like a surfboard instead — while dancing, no less. It's as simple as timing an interruption of your mounting the Sparrow with a gesture. So you can dance-surf or sit-surf to your heart's content. I'm not sure there's any other way to ride a Sparrow than to dance-surf it from now on. Of course, it does seem to lead to a lot of death, but who cares about that when you're being *fabulous*.

(via Reddit)


    Bungie, please don't patch this! This is awesome!!!

      Shhhh don't mention it and maybe they won't notice!

      They'll patch it.. Can't have anything taking away from grinding the same missions over, and over.

        If they patched it, they would prob break sparrows somehow

    @jackunit13, this will be us tonight

      If the below isn't true, this will give me some extra spring in my step on my run home tonight!

        Uggh so in the last hour it would seem I'm not able to play. I'll chat to you about it later on!

          Dayummm. Well if you can't play I prob won't hop on either, but if you can let me know.

    Apparently it only works on the 360 version? And yes Bungie know about it as it was featured on their forums - And to be honest its not worth patching.

    ...Errybody is just waiting for content...

      But the video shows it being done on a Playstation platform. The square button isn't on the 360.

        I didn't watch the vid - I'm at work ;) But all reports say its only working on the 360 Unless it just works on old consoles (PS3 and 360) but no-one on the forums apparently plays it on ps3 to confirm... I haven't heard anyone confirm it works on this gens consoles.

          Logged in to say. Works on the PS4. Surfing around Venus earlier today :)

            Oh man thats cool, thanks heaps for testing that :)

    I find destiny's end game a lot like Diablo... grind, grind, grind, grind, hit loot wall, lose interest. which is a shame because the controls and overall feel is insanely polished, there is just not much to explore with that stellar core.

    Could do something similar with horses in ESO

    Then they patched it.

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