Maybe You Don't Have To Hunt Monsters In Evolve After All

Maybe You Don't Have to Hunt Monsters in Evolve After All

Evolve — the game where you and three friends hunt a player controlling a monster — is in public alpha right now. We've got a look at how it plays when things go right, and when they go very wrong .

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    Not an $80 game

      Pretty much. When I get bored with a game in Alpha and feel like i've experienced 90% of what it has to offer, it's hard to go out and then pay for it.

        Exactly my feelings, it's as one person I know said " 4 v 1 death match". It's fun, but not full priced AAA title fun. I would suggest left 4 dead over this any day.

      If you live anywhere but Australia it's not an $80 game!

      Haha! Sucked in to us!

      Love you guys that expecting an "alpha" game to be the product you will receive. You are paying $0 for this alpha :)

        The alpha gives a demonstration of what the gameplay if the final release will be. Have played Evolved quite a bit I can safely say I understand how the full release game will play like.

        Unfortunately the gameplay style can't justify to me the $80 price tag. If it was lower, I might be looking at getting it. Similarly, Turtle Rock's last game Left 4 Dead sold me with just the first level of no mercy, you could tell how the full release would play and it wasn't $80.

          The issue you mentioned is similar to what happened to titanfall. The beta was practically everything and it does not deserve the price tag. I believe turtle rock is doing a single player component as well. Hopefully it will be like left 4 dead campaign style.

            unless the singleplayer component takes a minimum of 10hrs to complete on normal difficulty, then it still wont justify a 60USD price tag

            Oh, I really hope so. It sounds obvious but I don't think it really matters how many monsters/class-characters/maps they add, if the gameplay available is the gameplay we get, it's pretty sparse.

            There's something about the way they refer to 'hunt' mode in the menus/progress screens that makes me think that's not going to be the only game mode, though.

            Even then, it'll be a real challenge to do something interesting with it.

        I'm not expecting it to be the product I would receive. I am expecting it to be indicative of the final product via the gameplay on offer and mechanics.

        I had no bugs etc. It ran well. Alpha success!

        The actual gameplay though, was not all that varied and I don't think it's a game that will have a long shelf life. After you play a few round as hunters, and a few rounds as the monster (and unlock the Kraken), you have a good idea of what the full game is going to be.

        It's not a bad game. I just don't think it's a game that can justify a full price, because the premise gets old fast.

      Same thoughts I had on Titanfall really after the Beta but this is even less!

      Why is everyone crucifying the game based on a price tag we don't know yet??
      L4D isn't $80 either.
      I'll happily play more Evolve for $30-$40. It's not a triple A title with a 15hour story driven campaign. Why do people judge and compare it as if it was???

      Last edited 05/11/14 11:57 am

        We do know the price tag, steam has it on a $80 pre order.

          ah... well then sure. currently it's not $80 material. But I'd say early alpha may be a bit early to judge that. As far as I know, we don't have info on how many monsters, hunters, maps, campaigns etc there may be.
          I'll reserve my judgement till I know more. Right now. The game is fun. On par with L4D imo.

    i think everyone feels the same

    Hopefully kotaku can make up a poll or something to see what prices what everyone thinks

    I think $40 is too much

    its fun with a lot of friends but lacks depth
    Makes me wonder how big the team really is

    it would be a fun LAN game but without system link I wont be investing in it.

    Played alpha, uninstalled.

    Its just not very exciting or fun. Few games yeah but so repetitive.

    Having played the Alpha, It's not a bad game by any means however I would agree that $80 is too hefty for what it is providing.

    Even with added maps/classes and a third creature, I don't feel like the variety of monsters or the hunter classes really provide an in depth variance in gameplay.

    The gameplay at its core is decent however lacks in a certain factor. It still needs work on providing more depth particularly in combat and the counter play for each of the hunters.

    Currently a lot of the combat as a hunter basically comes down to jumping around and strafing until you run out of jetpack and the monster hounds on you til you are incapacitated or dead.

    I was excited for this game but the alpha under delivered on my expectations. I hope they can pull it all together before launch.

      What's particularly annoying is that most annoying monsters will pretty much doggedly focus the medic til it's dead, then go grab their own regen evolutions and the game becomes musical-rez-chairs.

      It could be down to the teams and lack of knowledge, but 90% of my playtime was frustration at the lack of jetpack fuel as we pretty much ran laps around the maps chasing the monster for 20 minutes.

        I had the opposite experience. I beat most poorly organized hunter teams at Stage 1 or 2 if they caught me, but I could never properly run away. At least not far enough to have time to eat and evolve.

        I like how each round is different, though currently it seems that a well organized team will win every time.
        Also matchmaking is very hit and miss. If you're a low level and get put up against at least 1 hunter with high level unlocks, you're in trouble.

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