Pixel Hunt Gets A Redesign, Now In Print!

When it comes to top notch Australian games writing, it doesn't get much better than Pixel Hunt, an e-zine created and put together by Dylan Burns and his team. I've had the pleasure to watch Pixel Hunt evolve over the last couple of years and, with issue 17, the team has announced that you can buy old fashioned print copies in addition to the usual digital copy.

I've had a quick gander at the new issue, and it's another good one. It's great to see the team pushing Pixel Hunt to interesting new places. I'm constantly surprised, not just by the high quality of the content (which I've sort of taken for granted now) but the actual design itself. It's the kind of thing that may just be worth shelling out for on sticky old print.

Anyway — congrats guys and good luck!

You can find more information on Pixel Hunt here


    Considering the number of print magazines talking about dropping out, it's good to see a new one entering the market.

    never heard of it but I'm diving in headfirst.

    I don't see it mentioned anywhere but the link to the main site is:


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