Now This Is How You Make A Custom Console

Now This Is How You Make A Custom Console

The Xbox One has been doing OK, but so far any official custom PS4s have been pretty terrible. Trust Rockstar to get it right on both counts.

The GTA developers had these Grand Theft Auto V-themed consoles made up for a giveaway, and while the neon green highlights might not be to everyone's tastes, I love the subtle "dollar bill" logo effect all over the top of the consoles.

Note that these aren't just decals or stickers. The green panels are actually green plastic, and the patterns on the casing have been "laser etched on micro perforated metal paneling".

Now, if only we could actually buy these...

Now This Is How You Make A Custom Console


    I always thought green and black went better together as opposed to blue and black.

    Dammit tried to enter the comp restricted to USA only. :(

      It's not. You just have to be in one of about 15 countries this competition is allowed to be run in, New Zealand is one of them /sigh

        New Zealand but no Australia?

          Yep. I know, it was in their T's & C's for the comp, I guess they needed a certain type of license or something to legally run the comp for Australians to enter...

    Wouldn't mind that GTA V themed Xbone, but sadly Rockstar isn't letting Australians enter the comp, not sure why considering NZ gets to enter =(

      What about those guys in Quebec? Canada can enter but not people from Quebec bit harsh.

    Australia is not eligible, but if you move to Donetsk you will be fine.

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