Origin's 'Mega Sale' Is Actually Mega

You could pick up Mass Effect for $2.49, or Far Cry 3 for $7.48. EA's Mega Sale on Origin is actually properly mega with a tremendous range of games and DLC on-sale. Plenty of games are discounted by up to 75%.

It's a grand mix of super cheap old games, like Theme Hospital for $2.49 or Wing Commander IV for $2.49, and games that were released this year — such as Titanfall which has dropped from $59.99 to $29.99.

There are a lot of games on sale here, including some of Ubisoft's titles which are also available on Origin.

There are 49 Battlefield products on sale alone, which is pretty mind boggling. How are there even 49 Battlefield things in the store to begin with?

Point being, you may want to check this out.

Good luck.


    Bulletstorm for $5.

    This is the only thing you need.

      Are they also selling time to play the games? Cause this the only thing I currently need!

      No Bioware Points :(

      This the only thing holding me back from playing the games again on PC.

        Bulletstorm doesn't need Bioware points?

        Get in, start shooting dicks. True story.

          I think you're thinking of a different game. Bulletstorm is about shooting people.

    Got Populous The Beginning from GOG and it glitches out really badly. Looks like the main menu is on acid. Tempted to get it again for $2.49 to see if that's any more luck. Probably not though

      I assume your on win7. Try changing your desktop theme to classic and enabling all the compatibility options for the game shortcut. That glitch usually happens with old games clashing with win7. I wouldn't recommend purchasing a game a 2nd time when it doesn't work the first time no matter how cheap it is.

        Yeah, I won't buy it again, just was wondering out loud if EA would've patched up the compatibility or not. Then I realised I was wondering if EA had done something at no cost to benefit the consumer.

        Cheers for the tip though, I'll give it a whirl tonight

        worked like a charm. Cheers mate :)

          Sweet I'm glad it worked! =D

      GOG tend to be better with support for this stuff than EA, especially with the community forum. I remember having a few similar issues running P:tB last time I tried it, along with wonky framerate - switching off the game's attempt at using hardware acceleration fixed it for me initially until I was able to mess around a bit more with mods and video card settings.

    Yeah, but it's still Origin.

    A VPN will apparently get you better prices: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/171594

    Battlefield 4 for $10US for instance rather than $20AU. The Sims 4 down to $23.32 which makes it actually tempting.

    Damn. No Sims season pass. Of all the season passes coming out these days, the one that needs it most...

    Just be aware that the Australia tax is still in full force. For example:

    Sims 4 AU: $53.59
    Sims 4 US: $39.99

    Titanfall AU: $29.99
    Titanfall US: $14.99

    Battlefield 4 AU: $19.99
    Battlefield 4 US: $14.99

      Might be worth mentioning that yes while some titles have the "Australia" tax, other games are actually CHEAPER here then in the US:

      Assassin's Creed® II Deluxe Edition AU: $2.49
      Assassin's Creed® II Deluxe Edition US: $9.99

      Assassin's Creed® III AU: $4.99
      Assassin's Creed® III US: $9.99

      Crysis Warhead® AU: $7.49
      Crysis Warhead® US: $9.99

      Crysis AU: $2.49
      Crysis US: $4.99

      Far Cry® 3 Deluxe Edition AU: $9.98
      Far Cry® 3 Deluxe Edition US: $19.99

      etc... etc...

    Both of their users must be thrilled!

      Not the one I know

    What was the latest Crysis like? I thought 2 kinda sucked.

    Guess I will force myself to login to Origin and check it out then.

      You must have a really long password.....

        more of the case of re-installing it and recovering my account info since I forgot what that was lol,
        only needed origin when It was required to play TitanFall :P

    Never had any issues with origin. Going to buy and play the dragon age and mass effect games again.

    I'll probably get either the first Mass Effect, or the entire trilogy.

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