Wow. Origin Is Taking 50% Off All Games In Australia (Well, Almost Everything)

Steam sales — they make your wallet rock endlessly in the fetal position. They make your bank balance cry. But now guess what — Origin is having a mega sale that almost compares. Origin is taking 50% off almost every single thing in the store. This sale is pretty ridiculous.

Even the big guns — Battlefield 3, Mass Effect3 — are half price. In addition to, well, practically every other game on there.

Incredibly, it looks as though the sale may actually be limited to Australia. What did we do to deserve this? Is this sweet justice for all those years of overpriced games? Who knows.

The sale starts today and ends September 1. Go nuts folks.


    Is the Sims 3 Katy Perry edition on sale as well? PLEASE SAY YES

    The cynic in me can't help but wonder how many of those are still priced above their American prices, even at a 50% discount...

      probably all of them

    It appears to be mostly EA published games. For example, SSFIV is still full price.

    Wonder if they will stuff up again like their 2 for 1 sale last time. For those who didn't know when you added the 2nd item to the cart it gave you both of them for free. Both games still work in origin.

    Still nowhere near enough to get me to even consider Origin.

    I still will never forgive EA for ruining the command and conquer series, Westwoods was still the best.

      A moment of silence please for westwood, origin systems, bullfrog studios, maxis, ensamble studios and many other victims



    or EwwwwwA

    Time to rack up more Sims expansion packs

    doesnt run on a mac... so... ea will have to drop it further to tempt me to buy their games...


    No sale.

    Got pretty excited when i saw this but the selection of games that they have on sale and the number of games on sale is a bit of a downer.

    Hopefully in a couple of years origin will be able to rival steam.

    yeah....*looks at Steam library


    Was gonna grab Sims 3, but at a $39.99 price tag that is 50% off mind you, i will not even bother now.

    I hope Mark doesn't interpret all the negativity in this article as anything other than disdain for EA. I'd hate for him to feel like his efforts at at least trying to let us in on a potentially interesting sale were completely unappreciated.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Cool story bro.

        Since you're so smart, you got anywhere I can put all my awards?

          I've come up with some ideas for you.

          1. Attach them to gold chains and wear them around your neck. Although "Marky Mark" will always be synonymous with another white rapper, you could always invent your own persona. I'll propose "MCMS".

          2. Leave them on other people's desks. "Oh shit, sorry - my Walkley is in the way of you trying to work again, isn't it?" has been scientifically proven to be the best thing you to say to another person.

          3. On the internet. That is, take a bunch of photos and write an article about each one. Make sure to tag "Derek" in each one!

          I'm sure I'll come up with some more ideas, just trying to get the ball rolling here.


        Go fling your feces somewhere else little monkey boy.

    So basically...they're the American price now? I honestly don't think I would ever buy anything from the origin store. Heck, I rarely buy anything from Steam nowadays because of regional pricing.

    So bf3 is the same price as bf3 premium normally? That doesn't make sense.

    Dead Space 2, $20 on Origin... $17.49 on Steam...

      umm..... its 75% off on steam. On steam its origginaly $70 but on origin its $40 thats a pretty big difference.

        Both sites have the game on sale and it's cheaper to buy on Steam, rather than direct from the publisher. What else is there to say?

        wanna know who determines the Steam price of EA games? EA.

      not to mention for $21.24 you get dead space 1 and 2 on steam!!

    You can get all these significantly cheaper already. Pass (but thanks for the heads up anyway!)

    Origin? No thanks. I may be one of their 'registered users' due to the fact I bought BF3, but I will never again consider buying anything that is on Origin . Loved ME1, liked ME2, skipped ME3 completely due to lack of Steam version...

    (And as a massive BF player from way back, don't get me started on the train wreck that is/was BF3 - that is a whole other rant that still saddens me to this day. I used to adore that fanchise like no other., yet I played a grand total of 14 hours in BF3 and then uninstalled).

    Yep so it's good to see that 90% of pc gamers are bright enough to know Steam is the only real option. Origin doesnt even come close. Heck if steam doesnt have a sale, buy from GMG or something. So many good legit key sellers. This sale will be largely ignored. It is the only smart thing to do when it's a dodgy company like EA, and on their cruddy client. I struggle to trust buying EA games at the best of times.

    Totally in the same boat as you Lapens re. BF3

    So what, EA says that Valve having sales on steam "cheapens your intellectual property", but a few weeks later its okay? Why do people still buy video games from these clowns?


      If they hadn't made that comment I would've seen this in a neutral way

      Until someone else makes a Battlefield game, Im gonna have to get it from them :/
      And Im not gonna get a Zynga ripoff of BF

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